Regal - Gold Dust

Y’all remember Regal (formerly known as Mike Regal) who we featured in issue four of CopyWrite Magazine?

Of course you do! The emcee/producer has been making moves, physically and musically. With a little time in Vegas under his belt he is coming back at us with his most recent project 

“Gold Dust”, a slick five tracks with the cleanest production we have heard in a long time.

We mean, “Lawd have mercy!” its crisp!

Every bar comes in with the most meticulous skill. The word play is elevated to the point if you know a little something about something, you say “Ahh that was clever”, but it's catchy enough to make a youngin fall in line quickly.

Our favorite song has to be “Do It” featuring Mudy (who was featured in CopyWrite Magazine issue thirteen). The song is just reminds us of the house party, “Hol’ me up bruh” days. And is it spitting out flavors of a “Hop in the circle” sample? Hmmm….

It's not often we like a full project, but “Gold Dust” definitely has that quality we expect from the rest of you. Sooooo Level up! Take a listen. And let them know, CopyWrite sent ya!


Mike Regal - Destiny

Here at CopyWrite, we've been anticipating the project, Premonitions for a while now from the producer and emcee Mike Regal but with the release of his newest track, Destiny. You'll hear why the anticipation is so real.

The upbeat track (produced by Regal, of course) brings together a melody of high energy, smooth lyrics and most definitely the urge and need for more then just a track. 

Peep the track below, keep your #EyesOpen and while you're at it; tell Regal, "BRING US PREMONITIONS, we're tired of waiting!" /CW

Shout out to Rob Randolph on the cover and portrait.

Cinco - Gotham Feat. CDS & Mozaic (Prod. Mike Regal)

Produced by the homie Mike Regal, Cinco brings us his first and only single off his upcoming EP "Dancing With My Demons" thats ready to be dropped January 24.

What we would call a version of "trip-hop", Milwaukee artist Cinco brings together an unique track that feels like a theme song for an upcoming dramatic tv show. However with verses from Mosaic and CDS, the artists on the track breaks new barriers in hip-hop combining a moody and dark hook with traditional rap verses and some techno inspiration. 

Listen to "Gotham" below and stay tuned for more from Cinco later this month.