Milwaukee's Summer 2k19 Kick Off - Summerfest Recap

Oh Summerfest, the time of year that officially kicks off a beautiful Milwaukee Summer...and what a beautiful start it was. The weather was amazing for the first day of the festival. Perfect for all the concerts, food, fun and of course, The Big Bang (my favorite part might I add). I was a little worried at first because the weather said it was going to rain for the entire week of Summerfest, but luckily Mother Nature was in our favor on the first day. 

The main reason everyone is in attendance for Summerfest though, is usually for the music lineup. This year wasn’t too disappointing when it came to representation and diversity with performances from Lizzo, T-Pain, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Jacob Latimore, Vic Mensa, T.I., A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Schoolboy Q at the amphitheatre and more! Even when it came to the local talent, Summerfest was on it with Spaidez, Shle Berry, MT Twins, and Nile, just to name a few.

Going back to Mother Nature...she wasn’t playing on the second day of Summerfest (and a few other days as well), which was also the day Lizzo performed. When I say it rained, it POURED. I was completely soaked and so were many others. Summerfest was providing people with rain ponchos while everyone scurried to find cover from the storm. Surprisingly enough though, the thunderstorm didn’t stop Lizzo fans, as they trapped through it all just to get a glimpse of her Black Girl Magic. There were nearly 10,000 people in attendance for her show (says fox 6 News), which means to me that she is ready to fill those amphitheatre seats!

I tried to finesse my way into interviewing Lizzo, but got humbled real quick lol. I don’t know who I thought I was that day with my camera set-up and microphone, only having done one on-camera interview so far in my career, but that didn’t matter to me, I was trying to get it done! Okay! Haha. (But we did get cool pics of T.I. set)

The highlight of Summerfest for me had to be the day A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was performing on July 2nd at the U.S. Cellular Stage. DJay Mando was opening up for the MT Twins, Jacob Latimore and A Boogie. That show had crazy energy! Everyone was lit and just excited, but it also made me realize if I wasn’t there as a reporter, I probably wouldn’t have gone. Those kids in the crowd made me feel old lol! I remember back when I was their age in high school, getting there super early to get a good view, sweating like crazy from the heat, all the pushing and shoving. Yeah, no thanks. I can’t do that anymore. Big Yikes! However, being there as a reporter was so dope! I would do that any day.

The last day of Summerfest was cool too because whenever someone saw me with the mic and camera, to them, it was showtime! I met a few brave individuals who just wanted to hop on screen with me and that’s always a good time. Those moments always remind me of the great human experiences I get to have during these events that bring people together from all different backgrounds and communities. It’s like one big BBQ or family reunion and I love it!

Overall, Summerfest 2k19 was amazing! I had so much fun for it being my first time doing on-camera interviews and I was geeked to be able to start doing what I want to do for my career. I learned so much through this experience and from everyone I talked to. I had a lot of “firsts” that are finally out of the way, like hearing more No’s than Yes’s, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Don’t forget to check out my brief interviews with Vincent Van Great, DJay Mando, the MT Twins, and Nile. They all did a great job so make sure you follow them and support them on their journey!

/Carrie for CW

Snapshot Press Release: On to Greater Things (Vincent Van Great at Summerfest 2018)

It’s that time of year again when all of our local favorites are on the move, elevating the playing field and checking off all of their goals. Vincent Van Great is no exception.

CopyWrite Magazine caught up with him backstage at Summerfest after his performance as the opening act for Tory Lanez on the Briggs & Stratton Big Backyard stage, this past Thursday to see how things have been developing since our last sit down at Summer Solstice in 2017.

Images by FreakishNerd // Mahdi Gransberry

Images by FreakishNerd // Mahdi Gransberry

After a massive set with his band Ninja Sauce and some other talented artist from MKE (Dana Coppafeel, Jay Anderson, Blizz McFly, & Yo-dot), Vincent Van Great was eager to retreat into his dressing room away from the crowd and all the action. “I’m hungry, [and] I need to eat,” he said crashing onto the couch.

CW: “Big Stage! Summerfest! A Great set! How are you feeling yo’?”

VVG: “I’m feeling really good. Excellent to say the least.” The look on his face of exhaustion was carried out with the satisfaction of completion.

CW: “Was it what you expected?”

VVG: “It actually was exactly what I expected. I know the type of audience that Tory Lanez brings so I added some extra groovy and smooth songs to my set instead of doing something way more hip-hop.”

Though Great seemed a little iffy on the crowd's thoughts, we noticed quite a few heads bobbing and catching the beat, enjoying the vibe. Festival crowds can be spazmatic when awaiting headliners but this bunch didn't seem to mind at all. (ON THE RECORD! LOL.)

This is his second year playing as a major opener at Summerfest. Last year he played the Johnson Control stage before the epic performance of BJ the Chicago Kid.

VVG: “They keep putting me with these R&B type of guys even though I do a lot of hip-hop.”

CW: “Do you think that's because of the live band?” (If you have not yet seen his performances with Ninja Sauce, you are missing out.)

VVG: “Well it's cool either way. But it's definitely about to usher me into this new sound that I am coming up with. Which leads me into me and Dana’s new project.”

Vincent Van Great will be dropping a new project later this summer entitled, ‘A Tape Called Fresh,’ co-starring Dana Coppafeel. The concept pushes the throwback cassette style, with an A side & B side tracklist. The A-side featuring the more hard-hitting Hip-hop sounds that their day-one fans enjoy where the B side will host more groovy melodic, “girly records.”

CW: “Girly!?!”

VVG: “Haha, you know the songs with a more R&B feel, that are vibey. The B side of the project will really cue everyone into the lane I’m entering in, so listen to that project and peep the B-side. But I mean it's all fire.”

We believe it. Great has been working on his craft for a while now, and all the progress that we have noted has been the elevation into bigger and better things. Production, delivery, and even performance style have morphed but still are very much his own sound.

CW: “We have known you for a long time. It's obvious that you are getting plenty of traction locally and it’s expanding into industry. Are you ready for it?”

VVG: “I have been working a long time for this and sometimes you don't get to sit back and really realize what you have accomplished. Because for me I’m still peddling…”

CW: “Like literally peddling on a Bublr bike. Haaaaa!”

VVG: He starting laughing hard. “There you go babbbyyyyy! Shout to Bublr Bikes!”

Vincent Van Great rode his custom VVG Bublr Bike on stage since they are proud sponsors of his Summerfest set!

VVG: “There will be several other Vincent Van Great bikes in different Bublr Bike locations, so if you see a VVG bike; pick that one!”

Shameless plugs are life! It is undebatable that Great is making moves. Where summer is alive in well these major sets are just apart of the action with many more showcases to come around the midwest.

VVG: “I’m headed out July 20th to Des Moines, Iowa. So if you’re out those ways come check me out. I know everyone reads CopyWrite, so they will get the message.” (He’s right, especially those in the midwest we get a lot of love). “Then the following weekend I’m in Minneapolis, Minnesota. August I will be back here for Hip-Hop Week MKE and September you can catch me at Bayview Bash, so I’m definitely around for the festival season. Oh and Kansas City Indie Fest, as well.”


So with all the Great moves comes even Greater sacrifice. With his new opportunities of industry stardom at several levels on the line, he has been splitting his time off the road between L.A. and Milwaukee, cultivating dual homes.

VVG: “It’s split between the two because I’m working with Lana Turner (Comedian & wife of late comedian Ralphie May) now, as her Music Director for her new show, ‘Perfect 10’. So I will be back and forth from here to there trying to dot some I’s and cross some T’s on that coast.”

As you can see some of your local faves are not so local anymore but the love is the same, calling out his favorite (yes, we said favorite) magazine to share his 2018 Summerfest set. His passion and artistry shined through as he directed his band into each song, creating interest and making sure the crowd knew is exactly who he is. “I go by the name Vincent Van Great!”He said it five times y’all, make sure it sticks.

CW: “Is there anything else you want the people to know?”

VVG: “I love CopyWrite. Thank you, ladies, & your team for always helping me out and having my back. Y’all keep killing it.”

And as always, we love you back!

#SupportTheLocal opening acts this year at Summerfest. They will be worth your time!


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CW Guide to Summerfest 2018

It's that time again, in two weeks Summerfest 2018 starts and YES, CopyWrite is back as OFFICIAL MEDIA for the "World's Largest Music Festival."

This year, Summerfest has FINALLY made it a priority to add and integrate hip-hop/rap into its lineup along with an impressive push to have local acts opening up for leaders in the industry. This year, for almost EVERY DAY of the festival, you will find a hip-hop/rap artist(s) waiting to hit the stage. 


Our only complaint is their 2018 Emerging Artists Series, where they once again have not shown or feature any of the Milwaukee talent we know and love other than Milwaukee band, Bo & Airo. P.S. Summerfest we would be happy to give you a list of "Emerging Artists" for 2019; drop us an email ( 

All shade a side, you will find someone you want to see at Summerfest this year. We can promise that. 

See our CW guide below.


Summerfest is June 27-July 1 and July 3 - July 98

(List ordered by Date)


American Family Insurance Amphitheater Headliners

06.27 //

Amerika's Addiction

Laye Murashi 

06.29 //





07.03 //

Trippie Redd

J. Cole

07.05 //

Shawn Mendes

Charli XCX


Big Boi

The Weeknd


2017 (GroundStage) Festival Headliners

06.27 //

DJ BIZZON (Opening for Lil Uzi Vert)

Lil Uzi Vert

The All-American Rejects

06.28 //

Vincent VanGreat with NinjaSauce

Tory Lanez



Ian Ewing


Sugarhill Gang

Grandmaster Mele Mel & Scorpio Furious 5

06.29 //


DJ Nu Stylez

Xavier Omar

06.30 //

Naima Adedapo

07.01 //

Bo & Airo

Lex Allen featuring SistaStrings (Opening for Black Violin)

Black Violin

07.03 //

Abby Jeanne (Opening for Benjamin Booker)

Benjamin Booker

The Wailers

07.04 //


The Fray (I love The Fray so they’re on this list too)

7.05 //

Jimmie Allen

Machine Gun Kelly

Denny Lanez

DJ BIZZON (Opening for DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Dj Jazzy Jeff


07.06 //

Genesis Renji (Opening for Amine)



07.06 //

B~Free (Opening for Janelle)

Janelle Monae

07.07 //

Jonny P


Purchase Amphitheater tickets here.

General admission tickets are now $21 so we suggest going early and getting a Day pass for $14, all you have to do is get there before 4pm. Learn more about purchasing tickets here

Let us know if we missed someone so we can add it to our list. :) and follow us on Instagram @copywritemag for on the scene vibes.