Liza Jane - Skinny Jeans & Bucket Hats (Official Video)

A few weeks ago we did a review on Liza Jane’s single, “Skinny Jeans & Bucket Hats,” which we thought was a great song that would keep you having those ‘summer feels’ for just a little while longer. But since today marks the official first day of Fall (legit crying right now), I guess it’s time to wave goodbye to the summer memories and accept the Fall season....

SIKE! We don’t care ‘bout dat! Lol

We’re going to keep these summer feels going for as long as the weather permits. And if Liza Jane’s single gave us those feels, you know her music video was going to do the same. The video concept was dope. We loved the playground shots with all of the kids playing (which is something you rarely see anymore). Overall the video was fun!

And for all of you Fall fans, you’d still enjoy it because in a few shots of the video some of the colors are hues of dead leaves, you know, to really give off that fall vibe y’all love so much...but hey, I’m not hating on your preference of season *shrugs*.

Anywho, check out her video and yeah...Happy Fall :)


Von Alexander - Solange (Official Music Video)

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing the video premier of Von Alexander’s (who was featured in CopyWrite Magazine Issue 14) new single “Solange”.

FullSizeRender (2).jpeg

A group of eclectic locals gathered in the space to see this production, whose teasers of black women dressed in skin tones and all their glory, was really all about.

The video was EVERYTHING! There is a soulfulness that is presented by showing these women of color intimately while removing the hypersexualization that usually accompanies our image. It has a weaving appeal that takes the lyrics and the scenes of melanated complexions making us focus on a beauty that does not have to be described but just “IS” without question.

When we asked Von what he thought about his video he said:

“It turned out the way I wanted it to.”

We need more art like this yall. We need to keep challenging the image of societal standards of US.

See it for yourself and let us know what you think.


Von Alexander - I CANT DIE (Video Submission)

Today’s submission comes from the one and only Von Alexander. Von is no stranger to the game, and this is not his first project. His single “I Can’t Die” was just released this month along with a new music video titled after the project itself. This summer anthem takes you on a ride through the scenic areas of Milwaukee, while giving you that “living young and wild and free” type of energy. “I can’t die right now, man I’m too high off life” said Von Alexander, as he rode through the streets of the city in his red drop top with his friends.

“The song and music video titled “I Can’t Die” makes a bold claim and is easily anticipating to be the summer anthem for 2019. Following up his 2018 self titled project “Von Alexander”,  Von has developed his skillset as an artist appearing with a more matured flow and confident cadene on “I Can’t Die”.

“The music video “I Can’t Die”, which will be the first single from the project, takes place in Von’s hometown of Milwaukee. It’s significant to highlight where the video takes place because as much negativity that comes with being a black males raised in this region, Von highlights the positivity as he shouts on the record “in the dark trying to find the light..”

Watching Von find his is light through music and creativity is a positive image for anyone who’s searching for themselves. “Work hard, play less” (you know the rest). Keep growing and prospering Von, we’re keeping our eye on you!


Jay Holt The Chemist - The Formula (video submission)

Jay Holt The Chemist has the formula when is comes to rapping and he definitely has the rap game cooking up. With his lab coat and hot beat, it is hard to not be intrigued. His video “The Formula”  takes place in a vacant lot with abandoned trucks and buses, the perfect scene to stir things up without anyone seeing a thing. Videographer Gregory Conley displays his creativity with his smooth transitions and special effects that only seems to enhance each beat and verse. Jay Holt The Chemist and G.Conley are like the chemical mixtures of vinegar and baking soda: the only two chemicals that could ignite my grade school volcano during science class. Okay, I’m clearly no chemist, but I know when I looking an explosive mix, and these two have it. Watch out! Too much fire and someone can get burned.


Yogie B & Keez - The Wake Up (Video Submission)

Today’s submission is a video from the hip-hop duo Yogie B & Keez titled “The Wake Up.” Right now everybody is doing the #10YearChallenge on social media and this video definitely feels like a throwback. I get Lupe Fiasco “Kick, Push” vibes from the way everyone in the video is at the skatepark on skateboards or bikes and the beat of the song is super chill. The lyrics match up really well with the concept of the video too, with the idea of doing things on your own time and not caring about what everyone else has to say...that’s the mood going forward in 2019, okay?! #CarefreeLivin

Be who you want. Keep it real. This is the wake up - Yogie B & Keez

Take a listen for yourself and tell us in the comments what you thought of the video.


Tae Spears - Night Cap (Video Submission)

Today’s submission is from the talented Tae Spears and when y’all hear this...whew chile...can we say relatable?!

Tae Spears has created a beautiful introspective story in his latest video titled "Night Cap." This is a great display of romance and lust with clear vivid imagery, soft sensual lighting and a close visual of Tae and his main character played to be his wife. Coupled with lyrics that flow through a male's internal rationale of losing the one he loved through his own bad decision making. How many fellas can relate?

All in all, this video is definitely one with amazing replay value, thanks to the combo of Tae Spears and Damien Blue.

The production of this video is top notch and really proves how hard Milwaukee goes in the music scene. Keep up the great work because you got us all watching.  *prayer hands emoji*


#NoCap lol


Dom’ McNeal - Lake Drive (video submission)

unnamed (3).jpg

“Dom McNeal is an up-and-coming hip-hop artist from Milwaukee who has a flow that really stands out and is hard to compare to anyone else. With summer vibes and being produced by Tyso Sprme and Deuce LB$, it’s definitely a project that’s opening ears.”

...and this song has us listening!

‘Lake Drive’ is the second track from McNeal’s latest project ‘SummertimeDOM’ and it’s a song we can all relate to -taking those summer drives to the lake with ya boo, just chillin’. But also the idea of us all having dreams and wanting the most out of life. The production of the song is smooth with melodic snares carefully placed within the beat for a nice soft touch.

And we can’t forget to mention the dope visuals of the downtown 414 skyline in the background.

Dom McNeal’s project is available on all streaming platforms, make sure you check it out!


Saint Miguel - SNAKE (Video Submission)

“I really want to highlight the highly underrated side of Milwaukee music. While the (insert MKE rapper name here)  and (insert another MKE rapper name here) have their place, I believe Milwaukee has so much more to offer. . . ” - Saint Miguel


This is shade my friends. . . But as we like to say when fugazi has its moment of relevancy, “ I’ll allow it.”

Why? Because that's why we have a blog at /CW, to challenge the norm and push multiple perspectives of Urban culture & talents.

But anyways, confident in his “more to offer” Saint Miguel has popped up with a video submission for his track ‘SNAKE’ of his recently released project 0730. Young, clever, with those purposefully underwhelming dramatics (that's definitely a thing in 2018, don't fight us on this), this visual is what Saint Miguel wants us to see as his first reach out to our audience.

Clap for’em!

Even if you did low-key downplay what is “representational” to poppin’ music coming out of Milwaukee, the shots fired got you noticed, so there is the #Win.

Word of advice, next time, leave the names out. The work will speak for its self.

Watch the video here, and let us know if you want to hear more from Saint Miguel.


CW - On the Street #SociallyResponsible Campaign II

CopyWrite is on a mission to uplift our community by using our platform to change the narrative and empower the individual. We recognize that big issues take systematic change, but we also believe that every person has their own power and should not be afraid to use it. We challenge you to discover yours.

Our #SociallyResponsible campaign sheds a light on the various perspectives that make up Milwaukee’s community in the hopes that we find a more realistic approach to coexistence. It's time to look a little deeper.

Take a look at our second video in the series, asking the question, "What does it mean to be Socially Responsible?" 

Then take a position on humanity. Be #SociallyResponsible

Shooter: Mahdi Gransberry // Music by Dipperachi ft. Pizzle & Reggie Bonds



Quron Payne - NO (Official Video) [prod. By DJ Royalty]

When life gets you down, there's usually only two options: get back up or stay down. It's a path that many of us will face and that some are consistently going thru. It never really gets easier but you learn from those lessons and continue to build.

In Quron Payne's, "NO," he speaks on his experiences of being a victim of fraud (which CopyWrite has seen proof of), his family life, mental capacity and just the life of being an artist. Consistently marked with higher expectations, lust, want and just the hustle and drive that says 'No, I'm not giving up now.'

While the over 3-minute song might not have a hook, Quron flows over a DJ Royalty produced beat telling his story bolding and strongly; switching up the flow when he wants. The official video directed by videographer Brenend, showcases an interesting contrast of light and dark just like the song.

Watch the video below.