Von Alexander - Solange (Official Music Video)

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing the video premier of Von Alexander’s (who was featured in CopyWrite Magazine Issue 14) new single “Solange”.

FullSizeRender (2).jpeg

A group of eclectic locals gathered in the space to see this production, whose teasers of black women dressed in skin tones and all their glory, was really all about.

The video was EVERYTHING! There is a soulfulness that is presented by showing these women of color intimately while removing the hypersexualization that usually accompanies our image. It has a weaving appeal that takes the lyrics and the scenes of melanated complexions making us focus on a beauty that does not have to be described but just “IS” without question.

When we asked Von what he thought about his video he said:

“It turned out the way I wanted it to.”

We need more art like this yall. We need to keep challenging the image of societal standards of US.

See it for yourself and let us know what you think.


AR Wesley - The Self Portrait PT 2

AR Wesley is an artist that continues to elevate and adapt his sound all while bringing home his life stories over a dope beat. 

To reflect back on Part One a little, AR pulled out components and perspectives to display who he is and what he symbolizes. In Part Two, he continued this journey. Giving us, what he says, "an in-depth look at [his] personal views pertaining to love, life, and circumstances."

Those circumstances led to several references, music samples and some dope featured artists. (Can you can peep the Craig Mack & Pharcyde reference?) 

Featured singers, Kyndal J., B~Free, Lex Allen and Cree Myles gave each song a new spin as we heard a new story be unraveled. And when you have amazing producers such as Mike Regal, B~Free (shout-out to the lady producers) and Ekstoluke in your corner; your project is indefinitely FIRE. 

But don't take our word for it. Listen to Pt. 2 and a little birdie might have told us Pt. 3 is in the works so let AR know how you feel in the comments. 

And if you haven't seen the video for "Here iGo" featuring Von Alexander, peep it below.

VON ALEXANDER - Championships feat. Mike Regal (prod. DMND)


When mentioning Milwaukee's ever-growing hip-hop scene, you will most likely hear Von Alexander & Mike Regal mentioned. They've proven themselves time and time again with creating, featuring, performing (and producing) the hottest and most wide-ranging tracks coming out the FOUR to date.

But what happens when you put these two heavy-weights on a DMND produced track?

Well we would say they literally murdered the track with no hopes for survival. Listen below and tell Vonny we'll be keeping our eyes open for MAYHEM 1993 hopefully coming sooner than we think. 

Von Alexander - WAVES (VIDEO)

Von Alexander just killed off Vonny Del Fresco (or at least took his essence). 

In his newest video for "WAVES", the emcee runs down his former alias Vonny Del Fresco (VDF) in the middle of woods to tie him down and take what we see as his soul or maybe at least his persona out of VDF.

This symbolic and action-packed video is directed by Milwaukee's own Damien Blue who always seems to bring an artistic twist to these documentary-liked music videos. 

Peep the video below and listen to the rest of "VON [EP]" below.