more than 100 womxn interview w/ corey fells


Corey Fells, a photographer from Milwaukee has released the entirety of his 100 Womxn project to be exhibited at the Museum of Wisconsin Art. He sat down with CopyWrite to talk about how these pictures are more than what meets the eye. 

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ISSUE 12: folklores & festivals

Read our newest issue, 'Folklores & Festivals'. With interviews w/ Lilo Allen, Young Enterprising Society, Jojo West, Tia Richardson and Rahn Harper. 

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"Are You An Ally Or Is It a Lie?"

CopyWrite sat down with @JillisBlack for a quick chat before her lecture, “Are You An Ally Or Is It a Lie?” to see why her methods may be the controversial but needed stepping stone for ALL of our social liberations.

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CopyWrite's #SociallyResponsible campaign sheds a light on the various perspectives that make up Milwaukee’s community. 

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