Unplugged w/ grace weber & Binta brown

CopyWrite Magazine & UWM Lubar Entrepreneurship Center hosted a live panel conversation with Grammy Award Winner, Grace Weber & Founder of Big Mouth Records, Binta Brown. Uncensored, socially aware and lots of great laughs!

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“Power to the People” interview w/ emory douglas

Emory Douglas, visual Revolutionary Artist and Black Panther Party icon, made his way to Milwaukee’s UWM campus Peck School of the Arts, to give a presentation on his extensive collection of socially critical imagery. We sit down with him, to get his take on his #SociallyResponsible artistic quest and all the other things that spread between the lines of his symbolism. 

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ISSUE 12: folklores & festivals

Read our newest issue, 'Folklores & Festivals'. With interviews w/ Lilo Allen, Young Enterprising Society, Jojo West, Tia Richardson and Rahn Harper.

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CopyWrite's #SociallyResponsible campaign sheds a light on the various perspectives that make up Milwaukee’s community. 

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