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For the week of September 18th, 20th-23rd, four all ages event spaces (Freespace, After Gallery, Music Lab & Scratch Sessions) will be coming together for a week of exciting activity. As we all know Milwaukee is in need of more events that cater to the all age group setting as well as more events actually done the right way. The week will commence as follows. 

9/18 - Scratch Sessions @ Jazz Gallery (4-8pm)
9/20 - Keep Your Eyes on the Prize online giveaway (6-7pm)
9/21 - Freespace (5:30-8pm)
9/22 - Grace Weber's Music Lab @ 88nine (4:30-7:30pm)
9/23 - Open Gallery @ After Gallery (6-9pm)
FAMS Party @ After Gallery (9pm-2am)

Later Event: September 30
The Cloud (Event)