Fashion Fridays - PrideFest ButterFly

Happy Fashion Friday!
With Pridefest officially behind us, festival season is upon us and so are the looks that we need to talk about! Although it was a gloomy and rainy weekend, that did not dim Tabatha’s shine one bit! Dressed in all black with her attention-grabbing kimono-like jacket, everything was very fluid and seemed natural. I myself am a fan of keeping it simple while having that one piece that brings the heat and Tabatha delivered. From head to toe she owns every part of her outfit....and did you catch the butterflies in her hair?? Dope!!

I asked Tabatha to define her personal style and this is what she said, “My personal style... I like to think I’m the 6th spice girl. If Mel B, Kelis, and Carrie Bradshaw had an offspring... that’d be me, lol! Although I’ve always been very shy my style has always spoken for me. I'm a very quiet person however when I put on my what feels like my armor, I feel loud, present, vivacious, and indomitable.” 
For more, check her out on Instagram @psychedelicwallflower

Until next time MKE, I’ve got my eyes on you! 🔥


CW Guide to Summerfest 2018

It's that time again, in two weeks Summerfest 2018 starts and YES, CopyWrite is back as OFFICIAL MEDIA for the "World's Largest Music Festival."

This year, Summerfest has FINALLY made it a priority to add and integrate hip-hop/rap into its lineup along with an impressive push to have local acts opening up for leaders in the industry. This year, for almost EVERY DAY of the festival, you will find a hip-hop/rap artist(s) waiting to hit the stage. 


Our only complaint is their 2018 Emerging Artists Series, where they once again have not shown or feature any of the Milwaukee talent we know and love other than Milwaukee band, Bo & Airo. P.S. Summerfest we would be happy to give you a list of "Emerging Artists" for 2019; drop us an email ( 

All shade a side, you will find someone you want to see at Summerfest this year. We can promise that. 

See our CW guide below.


Summerfest is June 27-July 1 and July 3 - July 98

(List ordered by Date)


American Family Insurance Amphitheater Headliners

06.27 //

Amerika's Addiction

Laye Murashi 

06.29 //





07.03 //

Trippie Redd

J. Cole

07.05 //

Shawn Mendes

Charli XCX


Big Boi

The Weeknd


2017 (GroundStage) Festival Headliners

06.27 //

DJ BIZZON (Opening for Lil Uzi Vert)

Lil Uzi Vert

The All-American Rejects

06.28 //

Vincent VanGreat with NinjaSauce

Tory Lanez



Ian Ewing


Sugarhill Gang

Grandmaster Mele Mel & Scorpio Furious 5

06.29 //


DJ Nu Stylez

Xavier Omar

06.30 //

Naima Adedapo

07.01 //

Bo & Airo

Lex Allen featuring SistaStrings (Opening for Black Violin)

Black Violin

07.03 //

Abby Jeanne (Opening for Benjamin Booker)

Benjamin Booker

The Wailers

07.04 //


The Fray (I love The Fray so they’re on this list too)

7.05 //

Jimmie Allen

Machine Gun Kelly

Denny Lanez

DJ BIZZON (Opening for DJ Jazzy Jeff)

Dj Jazzy Jeff


07.06 //

Genesis Renji (Opening for Amine)



07.06 //

B~Free (Opening for Janelle)

Janelle Monae

07.07 //

Jonny P


Purchase Amphitheater tickets here.

General admission tickets are now $21 so we suggest going early and getting a Day pass for $14, all you have to do is get there before 4pm. Learn more about purchasing tickets here

Let us know if we missed someone so we can add it to our list. :) and follow us on Instagram @copywritemag for on the scene vibes. 


King Myles - "C.I.M.P." Ft. Spaidez (Video Submission)

Looks like MKE talent is sending out Subliminals all  Summer 2018. King Myles is back it again with his video "C.I.M.P.," featuring Spaidez, which stands for "Change In My Pocket".

"C.I.M.P." is song about the concept of sacrificing monetary gain for the sake of creating real change and authentic art. Throughout the song there are many connections to the issues that the average person in Milwaukee and thousands of other cities confront on a daily basis. With these issues in mind, King Myles and Spaidez still hold a positive vibe, hinting at the fact that we were all put on this Earth for a purpose and that all of our lives have a meaning. We can all bring positivity into this life for free.”

Hmmmmmm Okaaaayyyy! (Oh and we see how you flipped the P.I.M.P)

Lets us know what you think in the comments below.


Kale Noel - Quiet The Room (w/ various local features)

“I'm talking about building a nation inside of a nation” #PAUSE

When the first line on the track sets the tone like that, we are paying attention...Had to run it back and literally silence everything else. #PLAY

Kale Noel, has set up a local collaboration with "Quiet the Room" feat. M.A Johnson, B. Justice, Sharrod Sloans, Numero 8, Dres, Launde, Benton, for some smooth ego, clarifying, and self reflecting real talk.

He states in his submission, “At the end of the day My goal was to encourage unification in the city. Not just for music but unification as a practice“.  If this is what unity gets us we need more.

If this is the Urban creativity that we can expect on Kale Noel’s album “AFTER I LEFT” slated to be released this fall, then we can't wait.

Check out the track below and if you like what you hear hit the heart! We might just add this one to our CopyWrite Approved playlist.


SnapShot Press Release: Riverwest FemFest 2018

If you’re familiar with MKE, then you know that festival season has arrived! Art, music, community, culture and everything in between become large festivities that activate the city with an aura that feeds off of creativity and cultivates all streams of Urban life.

This years festival season has started off with movement pulsing right from the cities east side with Riverwest FemFest 2018 (which was held May 27th - June 3rd). As stated on their website:

“Riverwest FemFest is a community music and arts festival celebrating the powerful and positive impact we can have on each other and the community around us. Founded in 2015, we celebrate the empowerment that comes with surrounding yourself with people who push you to push yourself. We celebrate through music, visual arts, poetry, and comedy. We not only celebrate the feminine impact within our own community, we aim to celebrate, empower, and provide platforms for those who have been historically left out of creative spaces.”

 Kendra Swanson

Kendra Swanson

When our team at CopyWrite heard how this year’s festival would be pushing and empowering some of our favorite feminine creatives, we had to reach out and make sure that Riverwest FemFest knew that as the only female owned and operated Urban creative media press outlet in the city, we are here for it! To share these amazing moments with our audience,  #SupportTheLocal, and help cultivate the narrative of feminine creativity is something we just could not pass up.

To get a bit more insight on what Riverwest FemFest is all about, we sat down with two of the festival coordinators, Olivia Doyle (the original founder of Riverwest FemFest) and Ellie Jackson.

Olivia: “I started it because I was just really inspired by all the women musicians around me. They were not just only musicians but some were getting their masters, or becoming professors. They were just doing everything. So I originally wanted to have a show to celebrate them and it turned into a two-day show and a fundraiser. We got a lot of press from that and it just exploded.”

Olivia admits that her original idea was to have the first showcase in her basement but a few of her roommates convinced her that it had the potential to be much bigger than that…and they were right.

makers market .jpg

Riverwest FemFest has surpassed not only its original thought but even has grown from its two-day expansion show at the late Cocoon Room, to a week-long festival of creative feminine genius.

CW: “What kind of effort does it take to organize something like this? You have so many components to it, like the gallery walk and all the different performances. How does something like that come together?

Olivia: “It takes months.”

Ellie: “Probably like 8 months, out of the year.”

Olivia: “So there are central organizers, then there are other subgroups of organizers that are organizing all those other events. Like the gallery walk today, or there was a film portion that was curated by Naomi Shersty and Grace Mitchell...So it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of human power.”

Ellie: “And we are all volunteers!”

The initiative that these volunteers have shown, further reveals how important the community efforts to support local creativity can have on all of us, making Riverwest FemFest a must in MKE.

When asked for the best way to describe the festival to those of our readers that have never attended, Ellie urged that it is a community of people who support feminine identifying art in every form. In addition to this support all the proceeds are donated to organizations in Milwaukee that assist in the help/protection of women and families. This year’s recipients include great causes like Courage MKE, Casa Maria, and The Milwaukee Women’s Center. 

The celebration of feminine empowerment had several highlights including the locally curated film shorts showcase at Microlights Microcinema (832 E Chambers St, Milwaukee, WI 53212), the Riverwest FemFest Gallery Walk, which included pop-up shows at five venues: The Ski Club (3172 N Bremen St, Milwaukee, WI 53212), The Yellow Wallpaper Project (1126 E Wright Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212), The Jazz Gallery (926 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53212), Yours Truly (833 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53212) and The Lunchbox @ AfterSchool Special (731 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53212). Unlike in past years, these sections of programming were given their own shine, where usually they would be transpiring at the same time as the more active music sets that Riverwest FemFest also offers.

Ellie: “I feel like Milwaukee does a really good job of supporting musicians [like venue performance availability i.e. bars] but there aren’t as many ways for people to see poets, or go to galleries that don’t feel elitist.” (Can we repeat that? That DON’T feel ELITIST!!!) 

Other happenings included Riverwest Spoken Word Night at Rise & Grind Cafe #2 (2737 N Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212), which our sources tell us was to die for, the Keg Stand Up at Lakefront Brewery (1872 N Commerce St, Milwaukee, WI 53212) and the Makers Market at Company Brewing (735 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53212), that featured several local artists, crafters, and businesses. Company Brewing also is the host for the large weekend music sets for Riverwest FemFest, where one of the only local female brewers makes them a special beer for the occasion.

One interesting piece of information that fell under most of our radars are the workshops that occurred through the week that also promoted feminine empowerment and self-actualizing. “The Revolution Will Not Be Processed: A Vegan Femfest Workshop” being one of them. (Who attended? Give us all the ‘deets! Eco-Feminism for the win!) 

As stated above Riverwest FemFest had much to offer, but our /CW team unanimously agreed that our favorite moments were the ones that seemed natural, where we could experience our favorite local “feminine” musicians, catch displays of witty art, and could see the efforts of the process throughout the festival and its participants. 

Moments we loved: 


• The Gallery Walk: We have been saying that Milwaukee is a hotbed for visual talent, but we don’t get to see it enough. This gallery walk gave us the opportunities to check out some new names, concepts, and spaces. We had never been to Yours Truly (833 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53212) and were quite flattered by a “Press for Progress” illustration of a female journalist hanging on their wall (Who is the artist? You deserve a shout out!). Also, artist, Lacey Prpić Hedtke project, “Spells For…” displayed at the Lunchbox @ AfterSchool Special was simply enthralling. We made sure to snag a spell for keeping our $ in our community, while we were there. We also learned that Corn Flakes may be a cure for masturbation at The Ski Club...(PAUSE). So yeah, art is life.  


• SistaStrings at The Back Room @ Colectivo was brilliant. The duo’s uncensored sisterly chemistry is absolutely refreshing. Their artistry with string instruments is very unique in our community and their mastery of craft, storytelling and stage presence during their Riverwest FemFest set showed that they are creatives with that “it” factor, and authenticity. Their performance of  “Ave Maria” and “Deep River” crossover, absolutely did it for us! Worrrrrrrkkkk!

• Ms. Lotus Fankh’s set at Club Timbuktu was intimate in all the right ways. Her voice buzzed over the room, her “impromptu” production as always added depth to her lyrics, and her style of blues-infused, r&b, folk, jazz, mashup just made us smile. She also made sure to end her set on a positive note, which is what this world needs; positive energy in all things.

We believe that Riverwest FemFest 2018 has set the tone for this year’s festival season in MKE. It is inspiring, it is cultivating, and it is communal, which are all things that this city really should celebrate. 

CW: “Where do you expect it to go from here? Is there anything that you want to grow more as this progresses?”

Ellie: “I have been using the word: movement. I would like to see it become at least a Milwaukee movement because every year it becomes harder and harder to fit everybody we want to see in Riverwest and in one week. Eventually, we would like it to become a city-wide expansion.”

Well, we are down for the movement and we are down for the cause. Make sure you become apart of the Riverwest FemFest movement by following them @rwfemfest and getting involved by visiting their website at

Empower the feminine. 

Empower the community. 



Read this SnapShot Press Release in digital book form here.

88NiNE Presents - Invisible Lines: Episode Two (Being a queer, brown woman in Milwaukee)

88Nine's Invisible Lines series is back at it again with an episode that is a must see as we celebrate Pride Month all of June.

"Where are the spaces for queer people of color?" The question we must ponder as these brave women open up about their lives being queer in the MKE landscape.

Let's keep the narrative going. Check out the video & let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

#SupportEquality #SupportIndividuality #SupportPride #SupportTheLocal


Fashion Fridays - The Haze

This weeks look: The Haze. Fringe, contrast & subtle detail.


Nothing says “PARTY” like fringe and it is definitely my favorite go-to look right now. Fringe has experienced a rebirth in the last couple of years and I am here for all of it!
This look is pretty comfortable as we transition into summer as festival season starts up! Not too hot but not too cold. 
The way I define my personal style, is by comparing it to the costume of a superhero! When I get dressed, that’s when those powers activate. Fashion makes me feel unstoppable and that is what I want for everyone this summer.


Locally Fresh Pop Up Fashion Show

This past Sunday CopyWrite was invited to attend the “Locally Fresh” fashion show presented by The Classic Shoppe & Fresh Bucks Custom Designs. This show promised to bring “homegrown fashion” and stylings from several “local” brands. The effort to show that everything you need to be fresh can be found right here in MKE was proven by including not only clothing designs but sponsors like B.A.R.E. Cosmetics and KRS, Hair & Wax Studio.

The event was held at Mr. J’s Lounge (4610 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53216), where there was plenty of space for vendor stands, mingling, food, and drinks! Our VIP status (Thanks Marie!) came with custom grab bags filled with merch, vouchers, and snacks. Let's make this very clear, we love free things! Lol

But let's get to the fashion:

While there were several brands in the building, the ones who stood out were the ones who had there branding on point, a cohesive look selection and models with confidence.

*All images provided by designers social media accounts*

The best part of the show was seeing people come together to #SupportTheLocal fashion community and to inspire collaboration. We always say we need more of this in MKE and Marie (organizer and owner of The Classic. Shoppe) assures us that there will be more events like this. We can't wait!

A bit of advice for the next time around, slow down the pace, make us eager for more...then deliver! Get the videographer off the runway! Paparazzi in a models face can throw them off guard and off step....and let the designers speak. We want to know about the process, that makes the difference between just a graphic Tee company and a Fashion Brand.

Now...let me embarrass myself & our new Fashion Ambassador Jacob with our low quality pictures in front of the step and repeat.

All in all, we had fun. I can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday!


#WCW Rosha Brister

In honor of her birthday today, my #WCW goes to Rosha Brister.



Rosha Brister is the owner and founder of The Style Hub, an online style directory where you will be able to locate all of your local stylists in one place. Basically Rosha is dope and can connect you with the people that you need for all things fashion and style related. In addition, Rosha has been a continuous supporter and Head stylist of CopyWrite over the years helping to bring our fashion spreads to life all while just being an amazing woman to see grow.


This boss lady is creative, kind, has amazing locs and the most beautiful soul. I’ve been  very lucky to know her and super excited to see her impact on the Fashion community of Milwaukee. One of the things I’m really excited for is an event called, 'The Battle of Salons & Style Expo.” It’s an opportunity for stylists in hair, beauty and fashion to brand, expand, and showcase their expertise in the beauty, fashion & style industries all under one roof.

Click the image above to learn more and buy a ticket! You won’t want to miss this. #ImThePlug #ItsADopeEvent

I’m also excited about her newest initiative "MPowerment In Style" where The Style Hub along with RW Enterprises and Copywrite has teamed together to create something new for the community.  The goals of this initiative are to provide young adults with expertise in event management, business to business relations and knowledge within the style industry, while building confidence and cultivating a sense of community. The kick off to this initiative will start as early as 2019. And not only is this an opportunity I wish I had growing up but it also is something that could help move Milwaukee to become a more fashionable city. YESSSSS for The Style Hub.


All in all, Thank you Rosha.

CopyWrite appreciates everything you do and everything you create to make Milwaukee a more fashion forward and BETTER place.

Follow Rosha for fashion inspiration on Instagram @sheezylocsem and keep up with her brand on Instagram @_thestylehub or on Facebook @thestylehubmke

Taiyamo Denku - Fabulous Life ( Feat Lil Kim & The Genius )

Taiyamo Denku is back with his final single release ‘Fabulous Life’ before his project "No Industry Standard" drops later this month. With consistent thematics of hip-hop’s early origins and authenticity, he challenges new era practices with a critical lens.

“Yall ruined this hip-hop” he claims at only 1:00 minute in, and right before that we are pretty sure he took a shot at Lil Baby (which is pretty much fair game lol).

Mind you this track also features Lil Kim (Well ain't that something?) On her classic boastful, nasty girl getting money steez. The Genius out Boston is also featured, so yeah...there is a lot going on in hip hop, might as well add this to the ring!

I mean is this a low-key hybrid diss track about the new waves or hip-hop or are reading in to deep???

Still, this is indeed the Fabulous Life!

Check out this track and leave us a comment on it bellow!

(Actually we really want to know what you think of Lil Kim as a feature.)