#WeSeeYou ($hunMillion$ - YELLOWDRANK++)

#WeSeeYou SHUN!!!

Who remembers $hunMillion$ (Shun Millions) from Issue Ten (The Surge Issue) of CopyWrite Magazine? Or maybe you caught his performance at our Backyard Set at SXSW a few years back. 

When we first met Shun he was a young smiley 21-year old whose poison of choice was sparking green followed by the consumption of Resse’s, Toaster Strudels, and Pop-Tarts (yea we remember Lol). Nowadays, he is indulging in some other things including an elixir that is the title of his newest track ‘YELLOWDRANK++’. 

Shun made his debut appearance into the notable hip-hop scene with some pretty catchy songs including that ‘North Side Trap B****’, that we just could not get out of our heads and ‘YELLOWDRANK++’ is no different. 

When we asked him about his inspiration for this liquid track he said, “This song was inspired by today's sound. I wanted to have fun and turn up on a nice 808 track to remind artists it's okay to talk about anything you feel. I just want the listeners to feel good and happy every time they play it”. And that’s exactly what it does. This is a track you need to hop in the whip and let sub because it BANGS! $hunMillion$ is talking his shit, he has some clever #BARS, some messages that might go over your head, and some vibes that the industry is definitely jiving with.

Shun is shaping out his voice as an artist his playfulness still reflects skill and persona and is amounting to the potential that we knew was there at least two years back. So put this track in rotation, tell you smokers “No more woods” and get you a sip of this ‘YELLOWDRANK++’ because it's definitely #CWApproved. 

(But wait. . . Why is it double plus signs on the drank? Stay tuned y’all we are bound to find out.)

Lexi for /CW

Bring In The New: MPL Live Rap Battle (Press Write Up)

“We want the young generation”

As we never stop jammin’ to the old school beats, thanking our present old heads for setting a course and making a way, we have to make room for the green.  DJ Bizzon repeatedly emphasized, “We want the young generation”. That is what the Milwaukee Public Library Live Rap Battle was all about.

The drive of the old making a way for the new was further emphasized by the setting: the limestone decked out Central Library. Opening October 3rd, 1898 on land dubbed Mozart’s Grove, because the site was the gathering place for summer concerts, the library is reaching back to its roots of musical noise. MPL premiered what (hopefully) will be an annual Live Rap Battle. The event included a raffle for DJ equipment, an interactive DJ station, V100 giveaways, and merch. The crowd was mixed, and we definitely enjoyed watching the babies in attendance working the DJ station.

Now to these artists. These young cats (ages 16 - 21) were all different, putting their spin on the music of the people. In order of appearance:

1.  EL' BANG (Elliott B.) - dropped the story


2.  BIG MACK (Maquian J., 19) - dropped the vibes


3.  BRENTON LEVY - dropped the chill


4.  RB VIC (Victor B., 16) - dropped the stuntin’


5.  TIMBOLONEON THE GREAT (Timothy V.) - dropped the crowd catchers


6.  RICHIE BUZ (Richard N.) - dropped the knowledge


7.  JC KROUPA - dropped the swag


8.  KING SWYFT (Malik W., 16) - dropped the fast flow


The battle wasn’t your traditional diss battle, but focused on artist performance overall (crowd engagement, and auditory swag). This meant less about bringing down rap rivals, and more about merit.  We saw the artists uplifting each other, watch each other, and learn from each other. And the crowd participation was mad positive! Community is about the youth and elders coming together. #SuppotTheLocal

So thank you Milwaukee Public Library for making strides to include.

Thank you judges WebsterX (songwriter/recording artist, co-founder of Freespace, and board member of The New State), DJ Loop (founder/host of Fresh & Direct WMSE 91.7FM, and co-instructor of Scratch Sessions South), and IshDARR (world toured artist) for your guidance.

Thank you host DJ Bizzon (Education Director at 88NINE Radio Milwaukee, and member of Vocalo Radio) for your hype. 

Thank you DJ Fly Ty (16-year-old professional DJ, and member of V100.7 Milwaukee Mix Squad) for keeping us going with familiar jams.

And thank you to our people at 88Nine for spreading the noise.

Let us continue to elevate. We are strengthened by our foundations but we rise with our additions.

Nehaya for /CW

Young Deuces - Hold It Down ft. Michael Christmas & Burgie Streetz

image (3).png

Slick mouth dudes always have the catchy songs!

This track from Young Deuces ft. Michael Christmas & Burgie Streetz “Hold it Down”, reminds us of Overdoz circa 2011. Its a nice balance between sweet talkin’, appreciation, and pimpin’ (Yes, we said pimpin’ because game recognizes game). Asking for the ladies to and applauding the ones that do “Hold It Down".

Its smooth hip-hop, with repetitive montra is clever. It kind of sticks in your head leaving a lasting impression.

So hold them down yall and leave a comment if your rocking with it.


Trouble - Tr3y ft. Aliesa Nicole

Y’all remember back when we were younger and they used to have R&B/Soul videos playing super late at night on BET? I distinctly remember being in the room with my Mom, and Gerald Levert’s video “Funny” was playing while she was doing my hair. I say all that to say, Tr3y’s video “Trouble” featuring Aliesa Nicole really took me back! This video has throwback R&B vibes from beginning to end.

The song is about a man and a woman fooling around and seeing each other when the woman has a boyfriend. They don’t like having to sneak around, but you know the saying, why does everything that’s bad for you feel so good? I’m sure y’all know how that goes…

This video has a real cinematic feel to it and I love the fact that it’s a woman and a man R&B duet because those RARELY happen anymore (even though duets like that made some of the best hits when I was growing up). 

“Trouble” is one of Tr3y’s singles from his upcoming mixtape “Scary Hours 2”.  He recently released a 2-single pack entitled “full moon” which he says is pretty much the prelude to the mixtape. 

Make sure y’all check out this video so y’all can feel the same vibes I felt, or just because I said so and it’s a good song lol


Fashion Friday - Edessa’s School of Fashion (Fashion Extravaganza!!!)

Haute List: Follow the Future

This was a night to remember! The event was an open door event at the Merriment! Beautiful lighting and delightful cocktails with fashionable atmosphere. I must say I was pleased!

Walking to the registration table I was greeted by the infamous Lynn-Speller (Academic Dean and Lead Developer at Edessa School of Fashion) the star of it all. Upon entry, I was able to connect with many familiar faces. #SupportTheLocal

Sitting in the front row I got to see one of Milwaukee’s Musical Artist Lex Allen perform live. He seems to have injured himself the night before and came into the event with the Legendary Pink Crutch and Bandages, setting the scene in full fashionable essence just in time for the show. 

The Fashion Designer pieces were on point! (We need more of that here) and I’ve been asking to come to something that would “WOW’s” me. The Event DID JUST THAT! By the end of the show, we had time to meet and greet with the models and designers, networking at its best! I am happy CW got the opportunity to be present for such a great show. It keeps us inspired.

Keep inviting us to your fashion events, you never know, we might just invite you to be apart of our next fashion feature.



Is Spyware Illegal: Tech Safety Tips for Domestic Violence Survivors

It is Domestic Violence awareness month, so we thought we give you some helpful tips for Domestic Violence Survivors in the hope that you stay safe even while using your digital devices.

All information provided by our friends at www.techwarn.com

Image from pixabay.com

Image from pixabay.com

Technology can be both helpful and devastating in a number of ways. Many spouses have at one point thought about spying on their partners, but is spyware illegal? Is there a law that protects spying? Well, in the US, the Espionage Act was passed in 1917 to prevent military interference. Together with other regulations, the Espionage Act protects privacy and explains the situations where spying is illegal. 

Obtaining information about someone without consent or forcefully or tricking people to disclose personal info are all unlawful. The situation is even dire when the information is passed to foreign governments. 

Spyware Laws: Spying Software Legality

Many countries have laws and rules that guide spying. In some countries, you can use software to spy on others, but the universal right of privacy under the Bill of Rights still reigns supreme. So, spyware can be either legal or illegal depending on a number of factors. For instance, the government can infringe on your right to privacy to ensure national security. They use technology (software) to spy on citizens and foreign governments with the sole purpose of protecting their citizens. 

Similarly, parents can spy on their kids to keep them safe. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to offer security and guidance to your little ones online.

If you are using any software to supervise your employees without their consent, then it is illegal. The gadget needs corporate understanding, and the staff members must agree to the spying. Generally, the law allows for consensual monitoring. So, spyware is legal as long as you’re doing it on the right person, it is your garget, and/or the target has agreed to be surveilled.

Having said that, the real challenge is that most people don’t buy spying software for legal purposes only. A good portion of customers buys spyware apps to illegally monitor their spouses. Spyware companies are smart in that they include a legal disclaimer that it is up to you to utilize the app within the legal frameworks.

How to Safeguard Yourself from Spyware

So, as a domestic violence survivor, there are so many steps you can take to protect yourself from illegal spying by your abuser. Here are just a few:

Be Cautious When Surfing the Internet

The best way to protect yourself from spyware is not to download it in the first place. More often, spyware is installed on your computer or smartphone when you visit infected or malicious websites. Always exercise caution with links to unknown websites. Again, only download software from trusted websites. However, if someone else installed spyware on your device, consider running an antispyware program to clear any infiltration. For smartphones, resetting to factory settings could help.

Look Out For Pop-Ups

When browsing the internet, malware can lure you into downloading and installing spyware on your computer. Be careful when windows pop up on your browser. Do not just click or agree to any pop-up alert. Clicking on these links will install malware on your device. Press Alt + F4 to select the red corner and close these pop-up alerts.

Update your Operating System

Regular system updates come with significant benefits like improved security. Like most antivirus solutions, failure to keep your operating system up to date can make your PC vulnerable to the latest spyware threats. Make sure that your computer has Automatic Updates feature turned on to have it automatically download and install the latest security updates whenever they are released.

By following these tech safety steps, you can significantly decrease the chances of someone infiltrating your device with spyware. However, if you suspect that your device is already compromised, it’s a good idea to have a professional sweep it for bugs and other hidden surveillance apps or GPS trackers.

TechWarn for /CW

Fashion Friday - 4waukee Fashion show

The 4waukee Fashion show, sponsored by TAPN! This was a one of a kind event. A Fashion show and Concert all in one. Radaya was the genius behind it all. Cultivating the city through artistic talents. After the show, I sat with a few individuals for their perspective of the event and I would like to say; the love was REAL.

image1 (2).jpeg

“The event was well put together. I really enjoyed the essence of the fashion line up. FROM African Prints to naturally loving yourself, to urban wear. It just made so much sense.”

“I loved the line up of music and fashion. It wasn’t like a concert while the models walked. Everyone got the s$)t off. It was music performance and Fashion Show following after throughout the event.”

“Mannnnnnn Radaya and her team did their thang tonight. The host was killing, loved and performance, and the Fashion was poppin. We need more events like this.”

I believe this event was amazing and the folks I talked to loved the event and stayed after during the mix and mingle. Great job and Radaya has more up her sleeve. 


Cardiac Da Pulse - I Like It (Feat. Dj Draulikz Class M. and Je'Love)

1560567922721_I Like It.jpg

This track is from Cardiac Da Pulse, a “songwriter known as an energetic mc who is versatile in the styles of all the records he creates”.

“I Like It” is a song for the ladies, which we just don't get enough and is reminiscent of some 90’s feel good tracks. Plus, we are already missing the summer and this has all those vibes. It is also surprisingly witty with its association with todays ‘double tap’ and ‘hit like’ society we now live.

So give this track a listen and let us know if you LIKE IT.


Liza Jane - Skinny Jeans & Bucket Hats (Official Video)

A few weeks ago we did a review on Liza Jane’s single, “Skinny Jeans & Bucket Hats,” which we thought was a great song that would keep you having those ‘summer feels’ for just a little while longer. But since today marks the official first day of Fall (legit crying right now), I guess it’s time to wave goodbye to the summer memories and accept the Fall season....

SIKE! We don’t care ‘bout dat! Lol

We’re going to keep these summer feels going for as long as the weather permits. And if Liza Jane’s single gave us those feels, you know her music video was going to do the same. The video concept was dope. We loved the playground shots with all of the kids playing (which is something you rarely see anymore). Overall the video was fun!

And for all of you Fall fans, you’d still enjoy it because in a few shots of the video some of the colors are hues of dead leaves, you know, to really give off that fall vibe y’all love so much...but hey, I’m not hating on your preference of season *shrugs*.

Anywho, check out her video and yeah...Happy Fall :)


Big P - 2520

You know we love an artist who celebrates and tributes the #414, which is why we HAD to give a shoutout to Big P’s latest EP titled “2520.”

Big P says he made this project to pay homage to his childhood home and reflect on the life experiences that shaped him into the man he is today. The project was executive produced by Lik and it features beats from K. Fisha, 11 Gray, Roper Williams, Bugginout, and Haz Solo.

This EP immediately gave me throwback low-rider 90’s and early 2000’s Hip-Hop vibes. From the production to Big P’s flow on each song, I enjoyed it. I don’t like comparing an artists sound to other artists because everyone is unique and deserves to be in their own lane, but if you close your eyes while listening to this EP, you can kind of hear similarities to 50 Cent lol.

Overall the EP was dope and the cover art gives me instant feelings of home. I love when an artist has substance in their music and talks about things that really matter to them. I always say this, but it’s refreshing.

Make sure y’all check it out on Apple Music and tell us what you think.