Ready RNU - One More Time

This one is for anyone out there missing a loved one; Whether that be a homie, lover or family member.

Ready RNU’s song “One More Time” is about wishing they had one more time to call that person and take one more ride, have one more laugh or just tell them you love them. The vulnerability in this song should speak to everyone about letting their emotions out, but personally, I think it’s most important for the men. A lot of men think it’s not cool or “gay” to tell their homie they love them or show that they care for them. But at the end of the day, if something were to happen, then it’d be too late. So fellas, just know there is nothing wrong with opening up your sensitive side of you because one that person is gone, it’s too late and you’ll wish you did.

“If you got love for your n*gga then you better show it, they could be gone any day and you never know it.” - Ready RNU

Thank you for this much needed reminder.


King Cezar - On My Way

GAS (1).jpg

“I’m on my way, sorry I’m late”...but better late than never. Today’s video submission comes from King Cezar with his first record of 2019, ‘“On My Way.” This track gives us a bold rockstar vibe with a heavy electric guitar presence.

“Diamonds come from the dirt. From the notorious drug and violence infested streets of Milwaukee, WI we find the epitome of a diamond...King Cezar. From the age of 9, music has always been an interest of the King but, demons consume us all. After a brief jail stint in 2009 the vicious MC started entering studios recording with local labels until building his own recording set up to focus on his elevation. This is only the beginning of a career with phenomenal potential, King Cezar continues to develop the sounds of the underground.”

King Cezar is very confident on this record. Like he says in the beginning of the song, “I heard pressure bursts pipes, it makes diamonds too,” he is definitely applying pressure with this one.


Looney Babie - All Racks (video submission)

“All Racks Lil N*gga All Racks”. If you’re from Milwaukee, you’re probably already rockin’ to the beat in your head even before you’ve finished reading this sentence. This song goes HARD. And if you didn’t know, now ya do. Looney Babie’s hit “All Racks” is an absolute banger created by an artist who was born and bred right here in the streets of Milwaukee.

“Looney Babie first break was with Lil Boosie, after that it was destined for him to create greatness after that moment. With such great hits like, "My Baby", "All Racks", "100" and "Drip" just a few singles from his forthcoming project "Lonnner", Looney opened the doors for many other artist to pursue their dreams.

Looney Babie has a desire to work with such accomplished artist such as Ralo, NBA Young Boy, Lil Baby, YFN Lucci, Future and a host of other phenomenal musician's. He is currently continuing perfecting his craft in the studio and will be dropping soon.”

Lonney Babie is definitely on the rise, and his city is right behind him. Don’t believe me? Just hit up a club anywhere in town, you’ll see.


Phif - Scary Hours (Video Submission)

Musically, Milwaukee is brewing up its own March Madness, and Phif’s new video ‘Scary Hours’ is first on the list. Phif is coming through with the neon lights and a purge-like atmosphere letting y’all know he didn’t come to play. The conversation he has in the beginning of the video with his boys, alludes to how quick he can take things from 0 to 100, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. It seems like once he’s in mode, basically it’s over for you rappers lol. We appreciate Phif for revving up the fire for Milwaukee March Madness this month.


Dirty Thought's - Protecting Your Energy


Yes! I said it. I’m mutha freakin- get out my face- don’t touch me- give me 50 feet- you fake actin- blood sucker- I don’t  kind of way.

So I know I often make the statement that “I don’t like humans!”, or simply that I am not a people person, though many people find it hard to believe and continuously seem to have some kind of gravitational pull toward me. (Why? These are still the mysteries of introvert Lexi and her aura). I say this because social setting take a lot out of me. Negative energy drains me, crowds drive me insane and the way people behave tend to bend me all out of shape. Come to find out its because I am an Empath.

An Empath is “a person with the ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual”.

So when you act/feel shitty, I’m catching all of that!

Crazy right? But before I had a word for it anxiousness, fatigue and depression would come over me and I had to learn to deal, in order to survive.

Of course I have had several hiccups in my tactics but protecting my energy has become very important to me so am more cautious in who I spend my time with, how long I interact with people (even people I love) and how I move through social settings.

There is an old article from Psychology Today I like, that really helped empower my feelings and methods of coping.

In spirit of that article I will share a few of my methods for dealing with society:

  1. Be aware of your sensitivity: Be vocal that you are sensitive, its okay to not like spaces and vibes.

  2. Know your capacity: If you can only handle 3 hours in a public place before the anxiety takes over, make that your limit. Drive your own car. Don’t let others pressure you into staying places where you don't want to be.

  3. Walk Away: Some time there are scenarios where you have no exit strategy. Find a corner, bathroom stall, or a place outside where you can sit to calm your nerves.

  4. Say No: Its okay to stay away from people, and places if you need time to bubble. Bubbling helps replenish that energy that people can drain from you.

  5. Call Bullshit: Some people will try to make you feel bad because they feel bad.  We all have issues and if people can't filter where they are putting their energy, you don't have to be bothered with it. Its okay to remove yourself from judgement, scrutiny and hostility.

  6. Detox: If you have triggers, step back from them for a while and clean out your system so you can replenish good vibes.

At the end of the day protecting your energy is vital to being productive and ambitious, so you know I’m on it.


Young Deuces - The Lie (video submission)

Young Deuces really made a tear-jerker that tugs at your heartstrings when he made his song “The Lie.” The video starts off with a Father taking his daughter to school, telling her how great her day will be and how after school they are going to get crab legs (I thought that was a nice added touch because I felt that, crab legs are bomb lol). While his daughter is at school, the Dad is running around Milwaukee when suddenly he gets pulled over for a traffic stop, something a lot of us fear now, since we have no idea how a simple stop could play out. Unfortunately in the video, the Father’s stop didn’t end well. After school, the daughter waits for him to pick her up, but eventually goes to look for him, only to find him in his car surrounded by yellow tape.

I appreciate videos like this that highlight the issues going on in our communities rather than always talking about the same ol’ “getting money and hoes” narrative that usually gets highlighted more. Visuals like this have a lot more power and holds more weight. I thought it was a dope creative expression. Good job, Young Deuces.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think!


$killz - 4Eva Heartless Challenge (video submission)

When we say $killz literally went off, we mean it because he obviously wants all the smoke in his lyric video challenge, ‘4 Eva Heartless’, directed by TRDMRK! It’s a video that matches the rapid fire pace of $killz’s original flow. The video starts with a masked $killz that we later begin to know as a wordsmith. The screen is filled with a slow hail fire of words, to a blazing rapid fire flow with similes and metaphors that if your ears are too slow to listen, then maybe your eye might catch some of it. The clarity of the video was great too, it gave us a nice crisp feel. This is one challenge you don’t wanna miss, check it out!


Riverwest FemFest 2019 Deadline Coming Soon!

We want you to apply!!!

*Application deadline is February 28, 2019*

This year we are behind the scenes consulting with Riverwest Fem Fest to make sure we bring all the city out including YOU to be apart of the action. We want Women/Femmes of all backgrounds, ethnicities, classes, and creativities to be apart of this years festival. As a women owned business CopyWrite will stand with all of those determined to make positive change in the movement!



S/O to "OUR" representation at Milwaukee City Hall (Colin Kaepernick to be featured in city’s 28 Days of Black History)


This morning Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs, Alderman Russell W. Stamper, II, Alderwoman Chantia Lewis, Alderman Khalif J. Rainey, Alderman Cavalier Johnson and Alderwoman Nikiya Dodd of Milwaukee, released a statement standing behind Colin Kaepernick to be featured in city’s 28 Days of Black History!

The statement follows:

It is unfortunate that certain state legislators in Madison have worked in opposition to theirAfrican American colleagues to block Wisconsin native Colin Kaepernick from being included in a state Black History Month resolution. But here in Milwaukee we welcome the addition of Mr. Kaepernick to our city’s 28 Days of Black History project and look forward to his profile being featured on our city’s main page and on the City Channel. As we note in the project – an effort to celebrate Black History Month by featuring those who have left their mark on Milwaukee’s Black history – Black history is still being written and is ever developing.

We understand that Mr. Kaepernick is a controversial figure, but black history makers tend to be controversial by nature. Few, if any, were accepted by the broader society when they were doing their work, but in hindsight, our nation recognizes that their counter-cultural actions were crucial to the growth of our country. Mr. Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee and his willingness to stand up for what he believes and against the violent and oppressive (and sometimes deadly) treatment of Black and Brown citizens by law enforcement has brought attention to some of the most important issues of our time. Quite simply, by doing so he has made history.

Additionally, he has donated generously to help many worthwhile causes across the U.S., including two Milwaukee groups, the I Will Not Die Young Campaign and UrbanUnderground.

Unlike some in Madison we are truly honored to feature Colin Kaepernick as part of ourBlack History celebration.


Look lets make this clear we are SOCIAL, not POLITICAL. But if there is ever a time to remember the historical implications of our political representation not standing up with “our” people, it is now.

Collin is controversial in the same way MLK, Gandhi, Rosa, Baldwin and so many others have been. History is then. History is now. History is tomorrow.