Xavier Ruffin- Recognition of False Prophets

J.Cole has hit us with another one! This time it ricocheted through the media into the hands of multi-talented creative, Xavier Ruffin.


Here he takes the "False Prophets" beat, paring it with his personal bars, and creating a video montage inspired by his family and friends. He edits his-story to portray the times he has shared and the things he has missed on his quest for greatness, including (his younger brothers graduation) the things he can not get back. His "Recognition", is to the reality of it all, and the sacrifice that is life.

His growth, his understanding, and his exploration of self, resonates with so many, we post this not only because it is a great spin on a very "controversial" track, with a creative visual, but to reassure X, he is not in this alone.  We have all seen, false prophets.