AR Wesley - The Self Portrait Pt 1

The reflection of self is arguably one of the most intricate and liberating subjects in art that a creative can explore. To pull components out of your own perspective to display who “you” are and what symbolizes “you” is as vulnerable as you can get. Who dares to take that risk? AR Wesley has decided to take on the challenge, with the release of “The Self Portrait pt 1”.

This project reflects the attributes that make up AR’s distinction as artist. Where the instrumentals are soulful, lining up with soulful voice features like Fivy, Kendall J, and Jackie B, to caress the ears while his storytelling and wordplay reverberate the tones of OG hustlers, pimps and players.

Context plays a key in “The Self Portrait pt 1”. The first track and it's radio station call In intro is a recurring theme in hip-hop. Formulating the juxtaposition between audience and artist, it promotes the idea of who is listening? And why? A bit cliche but it sets the tone for “street radio”. As you bump AR, deeper concepts are projected like the realities of being black in America and the social inequalities, head butted by survival mentalities. On personal notes, he reveals how perspective is subjective, using the identity of a drugged out uncle that symbolizes all the things wrong with society but from AR’s view, he was the one listening, teaching, showing him he could be better, and where the hustle goes in “Time is Millmatic”.

This project seems like a request to enlighten the people regardless of what capacity of life they are living. This time around I see the portrait being painted from the inside out, those things done in the dark have been given some air, leaving no room to hide guilt and much room for growth. AR has made a subconscious but voluntary act to spill his soul out for all to listen, which is hard to judge. What will your story reveal about you?

We can't wait to see how far AR will take us in and what comes next. We have some sources that tells CW that Pt. 2 will be sooner then you think. Listen below. /CW