New single from J-LAMO premiering here on Copywritemag.com

“They busted the windows, out of my car and took all my shit.”

J-LAMO has had some unfortunate luck in the past few months. Who breaks into the trapper and steals a rapper's note book? Bumssssss!

Well, no worries, you take, he takes back.

“Takers” is all about J-LAMO’S position change and come up. As he grinds harder he notices the minor setbacks that look like a defeat but are nothing but motivation, hence the song. After his demo album release “Writers Block”, he has had his pen to the pad and his mind strictly on the “Mission”.

He wants the top spot and his victimizing moment gives him insight on how to flip the script.

This new track, “Takers”, produced by MKE fav Mammyth, is J-LAMO’s redemption, his stance against the bull shit and his perspective on fire.

As always, catch the word play and the very “midwest reppin” feel.

You heard it here first! TAKERS!
#WeSeeYou J-LAMO, snatch that up!