Dirty Thoughts: Time of Logic

As the clock starts over (in theory) we hope so will follow everything hampered by time. However, if you are like me, you have this ability to predict the future ( by way of normal everyday analysis of cause and effect, and people watching….its called logic). In predicting the future there is a sense of knowing that is comforting but in the same breath can leave you uneasy, because even in knowing there is no way to change what likely will happen without disturbing natural order. (Go ahead and try and see how the butterfly effect comes back to bite you). 
Now here is the term that is critical to this plot: Logic!
Everybody's aptitude to determine what is logical is different. For example, to me it is logical that if you play with fire, eventually you will get burnt, that if you get caught selling drugs the police will take your “hard away” *inside joke* (mind you POP culture references are still my favorite), or if you act an A** eventually you will be perceived as an A** and get treated accordingly (Its still Karma for Karma). All in due time.
Everybody does not have that same capacity...and that's not your problem.
I have personally started my clock over (just like I said I would) and time has been testing my logic. I too have tried to out run time and now that I have hit refresh, there seems to be more of a liberating pep in my step and chuckle in my heart at the things that I can not control….like time, people, perspective.  I use my logic only to determine my next move and I avoid interacting with people whose logic does not fit onto my spectrum. (We don't dodge bullets from people who carry fake guns).
As the tick-tock, becomes less of a threat and more of a reminder, there is something to note: Everything expires...it's what you do before that time comes that makes the difference. 


P.S. Its time for a new Dirty Thoughts picture. I dont even look like that anymore! Lol