Dirty Thoughts - The Price of Freedom

This is the last one of the year and as always, I have no idea what to say! I could go deep, be dramatic, find purpose and meaning, be calculated and strategic or be really rushed and to the point. . . I’m just not sure what I want to share right now & THAT'S THE TRUTH.

My “Dirty Thoughts”  are supposed to be liberating. Out of the structure of what I have to say to keep you guys entertained. But sometimes, that gets hard. To dig into my soul and show the uncensored truth. . . How many of you have really met Dirty?

When it’s the last one. . . of a set, of a group, of a memoir (who remembers Sleepless Nights With Dirty? That was some of my best work), it's supposed to be meaningful, uncensored and strong. . .

But this isn’t that.

If you have been paying attention this year you know what mayhem has occurred in my professional and personal life. You know how I have learned to fight fire with water instead of engulfing things in rage. You know how much BALANCE has been my call to action and self love has been my method of sanity.

Today I just want to say thank you to my team, the ones who are on the #SQUAD, the ones who show support by sending me good vibes, and every person who has saw the effort and supported our mission. This is not a ME thing, this is and will always be a WE thing.

As I wrap up my year I have decided that forgiveness is key.

Letting go is best.

Scribbled across my bathroom mirror in lipstick for the rest of the year to remind me why going hard, making waves and being unapologetic about the choices is worth it:

This is the Price of Freedom.

Find yours and don’t give it up!

Happy New Years Fam!


/Lexi (The Dirty Magic)