Vincent Van Great x Dana Coppa - A Tape Called Fresh (Album + Videos)

Freeeesh indeed! “Sppshhht. Houston we have visuals!”

We have been anticipating  “A Tape Called Fresh”, the two sided album presented by Vincent Van Great & Dana Coppafeel. As we said in our press release “On To Greater Things” post Van Great’s Summerfest performance, the project would be coming giving light to the old vibes that SAFS Crew/ Unifi members are known for and some new explorative sounds that may get you going.

"This album has been split into two sides for your listening pleasure. Side A hits the classic heavy hip hop/rap sound VVG and Coppa are known for. Side B is the more melodic/smooth tunes. These songs should introduce fans to the new sound and style VVG is molding for his next solo album in 2019. Tracks 1-5 Side A - features from YoDot, Mammyth, and Blizz Production from Vincent Van Great, White Russian, and Charley Cooks. Tracks 6-10 Side B = Smooth Shit -Showcases All Vincent Van Great production with a feature from VVG's backing band Ninja Sauce"

With nostalgic visuals, a dope cover from Ryan Butts (who was a featured artist in CopyWrite Magazine issue 6), and the production that Van Great has been perfecting, this one is sure to pull some new fans in and keep the current fans engaged.

Okay, so we are a little bias. As Dana Coppafeel & Vincent Van Great have been on our radar since forever, we will not review the album but instead let you, the audience digest how fresh you think it is.

What we will say is that as society has moved away from the hot 16 and the melodic production, these kinds of projects make us smile and remember where we came from.

Take a listen & take a peek, and for sure if its fresh let us know what you think!