Riverwest FemFest 2019 Deadline Coming Soon!

We want you to apply!!!

*Application deadline is February 28, 2019*

This year we are behind the scenes consulting with Riverwest Fem Fest to make sure we bring all the city out including YOU to be apart of the action. We want Women/Femmes of all backgrounds, ethnicities, classes, and creativities to be apart of this years festival. As a women owned business CopyWrite will stand with all of those determined to make positive change in the movement!



Ave4 - iknwitsalittlelate

“Brooding, Moody, Different is what ave4 sounds like, but he knows no bounds.

A practicing DJ-turned-Producer, ave loves to blend and flip abstract and nostalgic samples to create moods and music that automatically catches the ear.

With influences like Atu, Dpat, Sango, Knxwledge amongst others in the LA beat scene, Ave4 strives to bring that sound to Milwaukee as well as create sounds that last generations to come.

While maintaining a bit of mystery and obscurity in his social media, he aims to make his name count and develop a vibe and feel that isn’t always heard on soundscapes.”

Despite only having a handful of songs out now, His upcoming debut project ‘SUNSET’ is set to drop this year, as his first foray into things officially but will have a lot more dropping this year on SoundCloud as well as Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal.

Give him a listen and tell us if he should get the #CopyWrite stamp of approval.


Joe Quinto - Out Of My Mind

Have you ever been in a relationship and wonder if it’s worth it? Maybe you feel like the relationship is becoming toxic for the both of you and you don’t see the benefit of being together anymore? Is that person starting to make you think, “well, maybe I’m trippin…?”. If you said yes, then you can relate to Joe Quinto’s song “Out Of My Mind” produced by Sean Sison. In this song, Joe is reflecting on his current relationship and is letting his girl know what he’s been thinking about their relationship lately and he’s realizing he has to go!

“‘Out Of My Mind’ has a laid-back vibe with a slightly aggressive undertone,” Joe said about his project, and we couldn’t agree more. You can really feel that hurt.

Shout out to Joe for the submission!



Yogie B & Keez - The Wake Up (Video Submission)

Today’s submission is a video from the hip-hop duo Yogie B & Keez titled “The Wake Up.” Right now everybody is doing the #10YearChallenge on social media and this video definitely feels like a throwback. I get Lupe Fiasco “Kick, Push” vibes from the way everyone in the video is at the skatepark on skateboards or bikes and the beat of the song is super chill. The lyrics match up really well with the concept of the video too, with the idea of doing things on your own time and not caring about what everyone else has to say...that’s the mood going forward in 2019, okay?! #CarefreeLivin

Be who you want. Keep it real. This is the wake up - Yogie B & Keez

Take a listen for yourself and tell us in the comments what you thought of the video.


King Myles Featuring Shle Berry - Dancing in the Rain

Unseasonable weather this winter. More rain than snow (UNTIL THIS WEEK!). A music submission from King Myles featuring Shle Berry is a perfect fit. “Dancing in the rain” tells a story of becoming self and looking beyond the rain fall to the sunshine and positives of life.

"And I'm still dancing in the rain, advancing all of my pain from Lamborghinis and chains to elegant story telling and selling it from my veins. A social responsibility everybody contains. And talking 'bout my problems is revealing the welt, but I can't help you through the rain if I ain't feeling myself." - Shle Berry

Do you ever have those moments? Check out the track here and let us know.


Dres - Do It Big

This new year Mr. “Urban And Arrogant” is back at it with his cocky music delivery. The Milwaukee artist, Dres, has become consistent with his release style and of course attitude. We actually got a chance to see him perform last year . . . he does what he wants. He def has a presence and boy oh boy does he make an impression. His song "Do It Big", is just that, an inflation of his ego. And whether you like it or not he is showing out unapologetically.

Listen to the track and let us know if Dres is talkin’ your language.


THR33 - Fuck it Up

Tell us how you really feel.

Spit game, peep the motion. THR33 is out here giving us player mode with new age smoker swag. This video has the slow bounce, with catchy rhymes. Reminds us of them “old” days. #CollegeLife

“If we ever fall it's a travesty. Know we bouncing right back like a trampoline.”

This is one of those ride to, get high to, sip sip to, reminisce to, songs that should definitely hit your rotation this season. But of course its also a song ya girl might “Fuck it Up” to.

We want to hear more from THR33. Check out “Fuck it Up” and let us know what you think.


Issue 13: Rebellion Out Now!

If we are defiant, it is only out of suppression. Tiptoeing through society has left us off balance, anxious, and unable to continue to survive playing it safe. This issue of CopyWrite is a Rebellion in its process. Our features are unorthodox characters with rule breaking methods. Interviews with Dream Lab owner Shawn Dekay, Leevel Ford, Mudy, Kane Rulan, Ex Fabula Feature Camille Davis & more.

-Click Here to witness the Rebellion-


A.C. the Ruler - 26 (Prod. Chu)

Today’s submission comes from Milwaukee artist A.C. the Ruler. His new single “26” was just released on Christmas Day. This song is easily relatable to anyone trying to find their way through life and always continuing to grind because like A.C the Ruler says, “It’s never over.”

“A.C. the Ruler is an emcee hailing from Milwaukee, WI with a knack for word play and amazing storytelling. Inspired by the golden age of hip hop with a modern day feel, A.C. the Ruler is part of the hip hop collective OffBrand -OffBrand is a group of rappers from Chicago, IL and Milwaukee, WI- wordsmith of the game that speaks a picture of the ocean to life with details from the reflection of sorrow drowning to the texture of each and every curve of a sea shell A.C. is a storyteller and an auditory activist that brings a certain unique style to his music.”

You can find this single and more music from his catalog on all streaming platforms.