Cj Folds - The Summer Pack EP

It's still summer right?

Well if your not quite ready to get back to reality, we have some music to keep you in the mood. Cj Folds has dropped “The Summer Pack” EP, in our inbox, and we must say . . . We ain't mad at’em. This pack features artist J.Dot, Eli $tones, Kevin Hues, and Bobby Kennedy. The production is light, synthesized, vibey, with that new age calibration of smooth hood aura and R&B. There is really not one word for it. It’s a mix. 

Our favorite track is Vibe, because of course we are always trying to catch one. But the production layered with the cadence is doing something for us. 

So check out “The Summer Pack” EP, and let us know what you really think. Should we be bumping this with the sun roof down riding around the city sipin’ mango smoothies with bae or nah?


Cj Folds - Pour It Up (feat. J. Dot)

Cj Folds record “Pour it Up”, featuring J.Dot, is definitely going on my summer playlist for 2k19. This songs sounds like it should be on the radio at this point. The audio is clear, the melody is smooth and each bar goes in. The chorus is extremely catchy and hype! I listened to it at least five times before I was repeating the chorus word for word. Hopefully all of you are going to stay loyal throughout the summer, but if you’re not looking for any love, this is your theme song. Now I don’t really know too much about Cj Folds, but I know good music when I hear it and he has it. Can’t wait to hear more from this artist, we’ll be on the lookout for you Folds.