Local2Local - Natural Mystic Co.

My Local2Local this month, has Black Girl Magic sprinkled all over it and it will keep your glow from never dimming a wink.

So meet Natural Mystic; an Austin-based (but Wisconsin started) company skincare line. Their products are “handcrafted in small batches to ensure that each one is created with love + good intentions.” Owned and operated by Nyesha Lashay (@nyeshalashay), this graduate student is not only enhancing the skin you’re in but promoting self-love along with bringing forth your inner natural mystic. #WeWokeUpLikeThis

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 10.13.35 AM.png

But in reality, your skin changes when you move across country. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst. It has to do with a lot of changes happening to not only your life but in general, the water and climates your body is use to are different. So usually you have to change up your face cleaning regimens to keep your skin in the best shape. For me, I’ve finally have my new skin regimen down packed and that includes a lot of masks and deep cleaners...i.e. why I had to try out Natural Mystic’s products.

Syn’s review of The Elements Pack:


What it includes: The Moroccan earth mask + the zen hydration jelly ($30 + shipping)


The Moroccan earth mask: It smelled great and had the texture of a deep cleansing scrub with the color of brown clay (hence the Moroccan earth haha). It was smooth to apply and dried in about 10 minutes. I prefer to leave my masks on for the time it takes to watch a full episode of a cartoon (20/30 minutes). The mask made my face feel tight and rejuvenated right away.


The Zen hydration jelly: A little bit went a long way. I used about the size of a dime to apply to my whole face. However it did leave my face smelling good and my skin was soft and GLOWING.

Overall: The purchasing process was simple. I got an email when I could expect my package (It came a day earlier but I am in the Austin area.) I also liked that the website included a quick 2-step process to make sure I knew what I was doing.

It was a little more expensive than something I would normally purchase for my face but it was worth it to support a Woman of color business and get a handmade quality product.

I think I’ll be using this pairing at least once a week to make sure my skin is on point and beaming.

Support this boss lady business by following them on Instagram for some self-love and self care motivation. Or support them now by buying the products on http://naturalmystc.bigcartel.com/ I'm eyeing more products on the site as I type.

Leave a comment below and tell me your self-care secrets and other skin care regimens you love. I'm listening. /Syn

Local2Local - MosaicoX, the curators of Austin's Local

“If you’re throwing a function and you don’t have proceeds going somewhere right now, you’re doing it wrong.” -AH

Meet the ladies of MosaicoX, the curators of Local (well Austin’s local).

Ashley on the left, Claudia on the right

Ashley on the left, Claudia on the right

MosaicoX or Mosaico Experiencia is a women duo featuring creatives Ashley Hicks or known by her DJ name as Adzua-Gette (from The House of Shakur) and Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi or  Mazapan (de Puro Chingón Collective). The two DJs started Mosaico Experiencia a year ago as a way to support Black and Brown women and self-identified women artists. And basically to listen and play any music they wanted in a club environment. (Disco Trap anyone?) 

So what does the Experience do?

CAG: “So the name became because we wanted to create experiences for people to have a safe place for everyone to just come and have a good time.”


MosaicoX creates “little festivals” specifically curated to the different vibes they want to showcase that night, whether that’s a poetry event, music event or an event for healing. They’re using their connections to grow the Black, Brown and women community of Austin. 

CAG: “...We not only have performances and music. But we also have a community of women that have their art for sale [in a marketplace environment.]”

The events and markets primarily support and prioritize women of color and self-identified women directly in response to the venues being hard to access for artists.

AH: “It’s a network for Austin, because we know a lot of people and artists. … It’s really just a space to bring people in and give them a platform to share.”

The platforms they create are often quick turnaround but well curated events that give an open forum for people to network and showcase their talents while giving back to a charity and their community.

“It really is just … a disruption of whatever ‘Scheduled Programming’ is.”

And we love disrupting the norms at CopyWrite.


Focused on event planning, curating and connecting artists with PAID gigs in safe environments, MosaicoX is creating a more consistent and concise way to keep the party going.

AH: “We started this for Black and Brown unity, because we just don’t see a lot of Black and Brown link-ups in Austin.”

Though they separately work in different collectives that target their own culture (Ashley of The House of Shakur and Claudia de Puro Chingón Collective); they thought ‘Why not merge who we are?’ to create a bigger impact and more visibility to the movement.


Connect with them on Instagram at @mosaico_experiencia or email them at mosaico.experiencia@gmail.com to experience an event or link up with them to plan your next event in the Austin area. They’re working and open to collaborative efforts to grow the culture and your passion. (Maybe you'll see a CW x MosaicoX event soon? **insert thinking emoji here**)

“Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.”


So lastly, what do you want people to know?

CAG: “Continue to support POC business owners.”

AH: “...And let’s be conscious of how we want our entertainment in our lives.”


F*** EXPOSURE. (... said every artist ever.)

And lastly (for real this time):

AH: “I just want to plug my band… Mamis.”  Where Ashley is the guitarist killing it in the band and their EP is dropping real soon. 

We hear you Mosaico. 

/Syn for Austin

Photos by Whitney Devin. Follow her on Instagram and see her work on whitneydevin.com