#WCW Gabriela Riveros (Chanchita Riveros Illustration)

Meet our #WCW Gabriela Riveros, a Paraguayan-American illustrator of Chanchita Riveros Illustration. As an artist she takes inspiration from her heritage, art history and everyday life to make colorful and playful illustrations and textile designs. 

Gabriela's expressive style pairs best with the intricate details that come with every design, pattern and illustration; showcasing her overall passion for what she creates.

Check out her work below and like her Facebook page here for more updates on this WCW.

P.S. Find one of her latest designs on your favorite coffee cup at Colectivo for their recent collaboration with MIAD. 

#WCW Daneisha Kay

Say what's up to our #WCW Daneisha Kay.

As a Milwaukee based illustrator and pattern designer, Daneisha Kay has been reinventing the way cultures and traditional mediums relate to one another.

From her expressive portraits to her intricate patterns, Daneisha brings to life different pieces by incorporating rich and bold colors with decorative arrangements that you can see in nature.

So what are you waiting for?

Check out some of her work below, e-mail her at www.daneishakay@gmail.com for any inquiries and let us know who our next WCW should be. 

Artwork provided by DanieshaKay.com.

#WCW Yessica Jimenez (Xerione Illustration)

If you haven't heard of this #WCW in 2015, you may need to relearn your alphabet.

In 2015, her "Milwaukee Hip-Hop Alphabet," not only represented MKE's ever growing musical talent but also showcased her skills with a pencil. The alphabet (shown below) introduced some of Milwaukee's artists to the public and even brought together the arts community and the hip-hop community to collaborate more often, and you know we love that!

Yessica aka Xeroine is an illustrator as well as an extremely talented photographer. In her work you can see a mixture of influences from her Mexican roots, urban background, as well as her love for traditional anime and line drawing.

She's always creating and we can't wait to see what she has next for us.

Maybe a mural on the side of a building dedicated to Milwaukee's hip-hop scene? Or a whole gallery of Xeroine Illustrations? Or maybe she will finally be able to finish her alphabet with the final missing letter? Know any hip-hop artist with a 'U' in their name?

Anyhow, see her work below and if you can't wait to work with her, feel free to reach out at yessicajimenezmke@gmail.com or like her facebook page for more updates.