On the Street Fashion - Oby Nwabuzor ( @obyoso )

I’d just arrived to the coffee shop and Oby comes in seconds behind. And as she walked in I promise you her theme song should have been, I’m The Plug while you hear “draped in all designer, draped in all designer” in our Future voice playing in the background.

Black frames, black leather tote bag, black leather gloves, black long fit trench with a black fur collar, blue jean denim with ½ inch cuffs, and black boots! “Oby OhSoFly has just entered the building,” I said with open arms.

Oby style is very hard to be placed in a box. She likes to reference style as a genre, a mixer between business and urban. Because of her family traditions and proper upbringing she was held to a higher standard of presentation. Oby is very clean and neat in her everyday attire but you can see her very cultural background as she represents her Nigerian roots through her style.

Professionalism is key when it comes to picking out her outfits. With a traditional Monday through Friday work life, why not add some style in the business world? And did we mention when she’s not killing the professional world with her style, she’s working with local brands like Mission10Eleven and the House of Renji.

Inspiration for Oby comes from artist like Teyanna Taylor and Janelle Monae, but she continues to create her own lane in fashion. As a true shoe-a-holic we might say, Oby owns a wide variety of shoes such as Jordans, Timberlands, Nikes, and loafers; combined with a more feminine collection of heels from classy to retro, to switch up the game when needed. One of her favorite pieces is this vintage bomber jacket shown below.

Favorite places to shop: H&M, Boston Store, K&G Fashions, for jeans - Levi only

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