Nicholas Louis - Horrible Bosses (produced by. EphRem) *COPYWRITE EXCLUSIVE*

This week in music, we bring you "Horrible Bosses" by Nicholas Louis. Cool, classic, and smooth; this artist uses music as a tool to tell amazing stories, the story of the “human” struggle. In "Horrible Bosses" he plays on the vulnerability of pure human emotion.

(Something we feel should happen more often in the music scene... but we digress.)

This track features multiple elements that express an aura that make it something everyone can chill to. With vivid lyricism and jazzy instrumentals the the artist’s reality is brought to life. On an odd tip, his voice and flow is pecking at a little J.Cole? Hmmm…

Check it out for yourself and grasp what a “Horrible Boss" really means.  You won't be sorry.

Then if you thought to question his lyrics, check out his newest freestyle dropped via Twitter on the #BackToTheTopic Challenge. You'll understand what we hear.

About The Artist

“Nicholas Louis is a diverse and unique storyteller who has spawned from a St. Louis upbringing. Using his patented approach of somehow giving his vulnerabilities to his listeners in a comfortable fashion, Nic's music just finds its' ways of resonating with you. Nic' has shown a talent for being able to capture life's pursuits and paint them in creative musical compositions. Some that have earned him a widened-variety of listeners and a core fanbase. He has even already shown the ability to create a full-body of work with his debut project Something With Substance.”

So we heard...Ha!