Can't Knock The Hustle // What Up From Our Editor

If Complex called you up & scheduled an interview with you, what would you do? Would you set the date, wait 15 minutes before your meet up & cancel? Would you reschedule for the next day & then not show up for that meeting too? Or maybe would you just avoid their offer...until you realize, Complex is actually pretty dope, free publicity is crucial and there support system is massive?

No! You would break your ass for that moment! You would thank your lucky stars, butt kiss and all...just saying.

So why is it that when CopyWrite calls you up, works with your schedule and makes reservations to interview you, you act Hollywood? You forget you calendar meetings and act like we have nothing better to do then wait on you.

Excuse me??? This ain't that. I repeat this ain't that.

This misuse of each other & unprofessional conduct must stop. If you’re still dwelling around these parts, you’re apart of the issue, if you’re not addressing the problem.

And no shade at all, I know there are a few locals who probably think this is all about them (Guilty Conscious) but sorry loves there are multiples of you that need a reality check.

Listen up MKE, we are here striving to be communal, to open up doors for those bold enough to walk through them, to hold a platform made for the people, by people who are really invested in OUR Urban Culture.

So don't act like we are not worthy. The war is against the norm. The war is against the naysayers. The Revolution is MKE. Choose up. Or be left behind. We don't need you. We need US.

I just had to get that off my chest.




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