“The World Will Remember Us” Comic Book - THE PRELUDE

Mission10Eleven has a lot to say about the world and they’re reading to tell their story.

With plot twists, some very humbling lessons and role models we always wish we had, “The World Will Remember Us” comic book was created to speak on the issues our community faces and bring a conscious awareness to aspects of life we have been through.

Check out the Prelude below and on February 26th, let’s take this journey together so the world will remember us.

The Prelude

In 2016, the people became fed up with the government and a war began between the democracy and the people. The people were led by a great man that everyone referred to as King Light, this king put everything he had into bringing the world to peace but in the beginning the war was in favor of the government. That was until Africa and China signed a treaty that would tip the balance in the people’s favor to win the war. After the war was over in 2026, what everyone had known as the United States was destroyed. However there were a few cities that didn’t become complete warzones, one of those places was California.

In 2028, the people were notified that it was time to begin redevelopment and they can begin traveling to California. Sadly during the time everyone is traveling to the new civilization, King Light passes away from old age and his understudy King Seale was appointed the new king of the world. King Light warned King Seale about a prophecy that could start another war in 2035.

Darkness is still lurking, a remaining few of individuals from the government didn’t take losing the war too well and formed a council to plan their next attack on King Seale and anyone that’s assisting him in bringing peace. The year of 2035 has come, the year of the prophecy and now it is up to a new king to bring together 4 teenagers and stop the plan that the evil council has prepared.