"The World Will Remember Us" Comic Book - Kabari Brown: Along Came The Victory

Mission10Eleven has a lot to say about the world and they’re reading to tell their story.

With plot twists, some very humbling lessons and role models we always wish we had, “The World Will Remember Us” comic book was created to speak on the issues our community faces and bring a conscious awareness to aspects of life we have been through.

Check out an excerpt from Kabari Brown: Along Came The Victory below and on February 26th, let’s take this journey together so the world will remember us.

Kabari Brown: Along Came The Victory

August 27th, 2035
I've heard many stories about the 2015 uprising that led to war in 2016 that changed everything. I was still a kid when everything started to happen so I don't remember as much, but my parents were fearless. Anytime we were faced with a difficult situation they always had confidence that we would find a way.

We evacuated Milwaukee and headed to Chicago not too long after my little brother Isaiah was born. From Chicago we were briefly in Cleveland right before the war ended. After the war was over things had seemed to return to normal. After the announcement about the war being over, everyone across the states migrated to California for treatment and to hear about King Light’s next plan to redevelop everything that was lost during the war. Everything was great, until Moms started receiving treatment from GWA Biotech, it was weird. Before we got to California she was just fine, maybe some bruises or war wounds but nothing too serious. She went in for a couple of the post-war treatments but not too long after she got really ill and passed. It was so shocking and heart-wrenching for our family but I didn't have time to grieve because of my responsibility to help my father take care of home and to make matters even worse my little brother has been missing since the funeral.

Going into my senior year at GID Academy is important and I'm trying to fight off the pressure of being a leader on and off the court but it seems like every day I find myself wishing Moms was her; pops is starting to get really worried about Isaiah.