"The World Will Remember Us" Comic Book - Rose: Visions of Royalty

Mission10Eleven has a lot to say about the world and they’re reading to tell their story.

With plot twists, some very humbling lessons and role models we always wish we had, “The World Will Remember Us” comic book was created to speak on the issues our community faces and bring a conscious awareness to aspects of life we have been through.

Check out an excerpt from Rose: Visions of Royalty below and on February 26th, let’s take this journey together so the world will remember us.

Rose: Visions of Royalty

August 29th, 2035
From what I remember it's always just been my Mom and I. My father abandoned us when I was a baby. The stories she tells about how her life was before the war are so aggravating. Usually they have something to do with my Dad and their time they spent together in Milwaukee where I was born or our brief times as a “family” in D.C.

I don't understand how she's not even slightly upset or bitter about his absence, When I ask her why he left us, she just always smiles and says he had a “responsibility to fulfill that was bigger than us and even him.” That's when I roll my eyes and continue on with my day, I love my Mom with all my heart but I'll just never understand how someone can just leave their family behind, especially in the midst of a war.

California is slightly different from D.C but I’ve adjusted the best I could these last three years. This is my senior year at the Academy and my portfolio has to be on point for my senior photography evaluation. Lately I've been catching some great shots from different rooftops and I've noticed someone with a hooded cloak who has been sneaking around G.W.A's Biotech factories. I want to know what they're up to. Something does seem off about those buildings though, they came out of nowhere. I should do some investigating of my own.