"The World Will Remember Us" Comic Book - Isaiah Brown: The Shadow of Freedom

Mission10Eleven has a lot to say about the world and they’re reading to tell their story.

With plot twists, some very humbling lessons and role models we always wish we had, “The World Will Remember Us” comic book was created to speak on the issues our community faces and bring a conscious awareness to aspects of life we have been through.

Check out an excerpt from Isaiah Brown: The Shadow Of Freedom below and on February 26th, let’s take this journey together so the world will remember us.

Isaiah Brown: The Shadow of Freedom

August 24th, 2035

Everyone talks about the importance of the war; I'm more focused on the future. I was born close to the ending of the war but from what I know growing up is that history repeats itself and I'm not about to let another war happen again. King Light led us to these peaceful times but when he passed away everyone knew who was next in line to take his place, King Seale.

Being the world's leader is a powerful responsibility and I need Intel on him and his plan to maintain peace. I've heard stories about how he was King Light's understudy so I'm sure he has good intentions but good intentions don’t always get the job done because there’s something weird about GWA Biotech, when moms started getting treatment from them she didn't get better, she got worse. It's been weeks since her funeral and I haven't been home or school. I’m going to do some sneaking around to find what they did to my mom and why they're building all these factories around the city.