"The World Will Remember Us" Comic Book - Mackenzie Adams: Protect The Future

With plot twists, some very humbling lessons and role models we always wish we had, “The World Will Remember Us” comic book was created to speak on the issues our community faces and bring a conscious awareness to aspects of life we have been through.

Check out an excerpt from Mackenzie Adams: Protect The Future below and on February 26th, let’s take this journey together so the world will remember us.

Mackenzie Adams: Protect The Future

August 28th, 2035
The war didn’t seem like a war for us; because of my parent’s company we didn’t lose our money, homes or resources. We donated a lot of food, water and opened a few shelters for people in the California area for people that lost everything during the war. I miss that about me and my family.

Growing up during the war was bittersweet, I was homeschooled so I didn’t have a chance to make friends but I developed a great bond with my family and teachers. We always had lots of pictures and shared tons of memorable moments together, but for some odd reason now they have only a few remaining pictures hanging up. My Dad is distant now; almost like he's hiding something. If he's not at the headquarters of the company then he's in the home office all day. With this being my freshman year at GID Academy, I just want us to be the family we used to be because I need their support.

Mom continues to do everything she can to keep me from worrying but I overheard her and Dad a couple of days ago and it didn’t sound good. They talking about three new factories that need to be up and running immediately, Dad seemed stressed and Mom was trying to keep him calm but I heard him say, “We can’t mess this up or they’re going to come after us.” I just want to know what’s going on with my family.