"UnGREATful"....Yup its Vincent VanGreat

Great the Prod-…..I mean Vincent Van-, I mean…can we just call him GREAT? Because the man is... well...GREAT. 

There is no need to be misconstrued the focus of UnGREATful, has presented some obstacles as a musical composition that a “reviewer”, has no option but to speak on. Boundary lines have been crossed and norms have been displaced with dope ideologies. GREAT, you just had to do it to us, huh!?! My work is cut out for me, but here goes:

He raps. He sings. He freestyles. He produces. He does it all and he does it well, but if we could title him out (without boxing him in), what would we call him?

“GREATis a Composer”
He writes melodies, unapologetically he pulls iconic sounds/songs/noise…….

Broooooo is that Dexter Laboratory??? “In the lab, putting in work”? It sure is. Catch the play on words? The words symbolic of the skill which is fed by a style that is all GREAT. No substitutions. In “Work” (not to be confused with RiRi’s track), GREAT informs us all of what he really has been up to for the last two years. Where this project has been spearheading all the buzz around his name it also has alloted for few others to catch some extra shine. On some “Crew Shit” if you catch my drift and that goes beyond his SAFS links.

“He hears a sound, then flips it, rips it apart, tortures it and then sews it all back together seamlessly.”

UnGREATful, promotes GREAT as the foundation of music, the producer. Though other elements of his artistry are present, his production is the heartof every track. UnGREATful is more than just what GREAT can do. It displays what Milwaukee can do. He features several artist, and even allows for there to be songs where you don't hear his voice but you hear his soul. He is making his mark and letting us all know, you don't have to be the voice to be the star. He has the city built off his beats and he has the speakers doing numbers. 

You can hear the undertones that are as thoughtful as the ones Pharrell produces. You can here the collabos thought through the way Khalid does it. The line up is thick. He has features from Genesis Renji, Blizz McFly, Dana Coppa, YoDot, Cincere, Klassik, Deb.On.Air. , Rtystic, Pizzle, Ray Rizzy, Tay Butler, Speak Easy, Aprime, and last but not least Signif (and in that order).

But let's pull at some specifics… 
“JFK”, Production Produced Bars. 
“Crew Shit”, If you're going to rep your clique, there is a proper way to do it. GREAT puts that 90’s on it and passes it to the homies.
“On the Floor”, sensual but controlling. Rhythmic with a bite of hype. Do what he says ladies and get on the floor. 

I don't want to say too much because this type of music is meant to be heard and not judged. You either count ya blessings, or be UnGREATful. In this case either one is a positive. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

Love & All Things Urban,