Simon Mustafa, the 18 year old PERSISTENT, yet ambitious young'n out of Milwaukee has come to CopyWrite for his official release of his 2 part project #4theYOUTH //#AboveItAll. Fresh out of the confines of high school, he hits his adult life running, trying to make a name for his self in the rising platform of local creativity that we call "The Movement". As he finds his voice as a young talent, he touches on more "youthful" (& superficial) topics such as women, drugs, money & sex, which is the basic repertoire for most artist his age. He still has alot of growing to do, but we like to see early strides for greatness. Even with that his execution creates quite a bit of interest. This is the first half of his project #4theYOUTH. Expect to hear, #AboveItAll (the second half) later this year. 

Check out Simon Mustafa & tell us what you think. Does he have what it takes t be the next up on the thrown? You decide.

Love & All Things Urban,