Kyndal J. - QUEEN ft. Camb

When you grow up what will you Be? Who will you Be? What will you create?

These are questions we've all asked ourselves and will continue to ask ourself as we navigate through our lives and as we create the person that we want to be.

In Kyndal J.'s newest single, "Queen" featuring the homie Camb, Kyndal speaks on her future daughters path to who she will be. That she will make her proud, to say the least, and that her parents will remind her everyday of her worth.

Produced by Hakeem Paragon, the soulful song mixed with a Kyndal's soft and sultry voice and Camb's mid-song verse brings together a beautiful vibe and a song for the books (and maybe a future lullaby for parents around the world).

Listen to the track below and read more about Kyndal J. and one of her biggest supporters (her mom) in Issue Six: Behind The Scenes here