Chico Manolo - Touch Me Tease Me


Sometimes an artist gets a little raunchy.  wild and OC with the tongue (only a slight pun intended lol). This new track “Touch Me Tease Me”, from Chico Manolo is explicitly descriptive and possibly a little too hot to handle.

But if you're going to say it, well, you better give it your all! We live in a day and age where covert sexual innuendos have been sideswiped by the bold remarks of “this is exactly what I got for that a** “. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, and other times we have to admit, that no matter how brazen the lyrics, it was exactly what we were thinking. (I mean that is what happens when you use a 90's R&B sample)

Chico took a risk with this one. Might make a few people sweat, make some other drop their draws, make a few mad but the controversy of “Ooo You nasty!” is definitely worth a listen.

Check out this track. We really want some feedback this time around. Do you think he took it to far or steamed it up just right??? Leave a comment!