Fashion Fridays - PrideFest ButterFly

Happy Fashion Friday!
With Pridefest officially behind us, festival season is upon us and so are the looks that we need to talk about! Although it was a gloomy and rainy weekend, that did not dim Tabatha’s shine one bit! Dressed in all black with her attention-grabbing kimono-like jacket, everything was very fluid and seemed natural. I myself am a fan of keeping it simple while having that one piece that brings the heat and Tabatha delivered. From head to toe she owns every part of her outfit....and did you catch the butterflies in her hair?? Dope!!

I asked Tabatha to define her personal style and this is what she said, “My personal style... I like to think I’m the 6th spice girl. If Mel B, Kelis, and Carrie Bradshaw had an offspring... that’d be me, lol! Although I’ve always been very shy my style has always spoken for me. I'm a very quiet person however when I put on my what feels like my armor, I feel loud, present, vivacious, and indomitable.” 
For more, check her out on Instagram @psychedelicwallflower

Until next time MKE, I’ve got my eyes on you! 🔥