#WeSeeYou (Still) Recap on Studio 440's 'LIVE'

Studio 440's launch event was one that had plenty of supporters in the building to hear some great music and learn about a new recording studio in the Milwaukee Area. This event underwent tons of AV tech issues but through it all the performances kept coming and even with the static and lost words the vibe was still strong. With performances from Camb, A Will Tha Great (who has great stage presence by the way), one of my personal favorites Tru West and others, the lineup was a good one. I'm sure the next one will be even bigger and better, that's usually how it goes.

But they do have a special going on so get on it & tell them /CW sent you!

/Garahbrie - CW Connect

440 tig.png

Be sure to check out studio 440 in Milwaukee!