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Taking a stab at local insight on industry music & all the buzz that comes with it, Jose´ “King Kalumet” Robinson, has asked to take his very popular Facebook banter and bring it into the realm of CW's music blog. So go ahead and comment! Troll him if you must, but lets keep the conversation going and Hip-hop alive. 

What's New Music Heads?

What's new yall? I have a rollercoaster ride for ya! First things first on May 30th TDE’s Trailblazer, SZA, took to twitter shortly after leaving the TDE: Championship Tour stating “My Voice Is Permanently Injured”. Then later returning to say “I’m not sick my voice won't fucking work. This didn't happen overnight”. This undoubtedly lead to TDE’s CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith to pull SZA from the tour indefinitely. This turn of events left SZA’s fans on edge for nearly a month! Concerned about her career and her overall health. On June 17th SZA announced that she has been working with multiple doctors “I’m blessed to say my voice is not permanently damaged and i've been working daily to get back”. After this announcement she had surprisingly performed in a few shows were fans were concerned about how her voice sounded but could tell it was recovering. We at RR&R (for /CW) hope the recovery continues and we wish SZA the best of luck!

        Image by:   @ItsTheRealLogic  (

        Image by: @ItsTheRealLogic (

The Crossroads…

If you haven't heard the news we lost problematic Rapper, Writer, and Songwriter, XXXTentacion (Jahseh Onfory)  on June 18th, 2018 in Boward Co. Florida. The troubled performer was noted to be putting forth effort into changing his ways and attempting to rectify his past before he met his untimely demise. X was awaiting trial for a Domestic Violence case, involving his pregnant girlfriend, witness tampering, and about a dozen other charges. X was recently taken off house arrest, on judges order, so he could tour.

On the day of his death, Tentacion, 20 years old, was visiting a motorcycle dealership, as he was leaving one (or more) gunmen abruptly approached his vehicle, shooting into the Black BMW where he was sitting. Leaving him critically injured, and also snatching his Louis Vuitton bag upon escape. TMZ was the first break the news with videos and audio from witnesses and even dispatch. Here is their timeline of events…   

1:48 PM PT -- According to dispatch audio -- the incident was a possible drive-by -- dispatchers named a black Dodge Journey as the possible getaway.
1:57 PM PT -- Additional dispatch audio has revealed XXX was transported as a "Level 1" trauma patient ... dispatchers described him as comatose.
2:14 PM PT -- Witnesses told cops a Louis Vuitton bag was taken from XXX's vehicle.
2:40 PM PT -- Broward Co. Sheriff's Dept. says XXXTentacion has been pronounced dead.
According to the dispatch call the suspects were described as two black males wearing hoodies, and the shooter was wearing a red mask. The car has been confirmed as a black Dodge Journey, with dark tint and black wheels.
4:07 PM PT -- The Sheriff's Dept. just released a statement saying XXX was approached by two armed suspects as he left the dealership. They say at least one of the suspects fired their gun, striking XXX. Cops say they believe the incident was a possible robbery.
6:00 PM PT -- The Broward Co. Sheriff's Dept. tweeted it's offering a reward up to $3,000 for anyone who might have a tip that leads to an arrest in the XXX shooting.

Since then Boward Co.’s Police department announced that they have arrested a suspect in the fatal shooting of XXXTentacion. After witnessing suspect "visually observed Defendant Williams unlawfully operate" a 2004 Silver Honda Accord. Dedrick D. Willams, 22 years old, has been charged with first-degree murder, probation violation, and one count of operating a motor vehicle without a license.

J. Cole, Diplo, La La, and Kanye West were among the many celebrities to send their condolences on Twitter and Instagram.

J. Cole

"This got me f***** up. RIP X. Enormous talent and limitless potential and a strong desire to be a better person. God bless his family, friends and fans." (Twitter)

Kanye West

“Rest in peace. I never told you how much you inspired me when you were here thank you for existing.” (Twitter)


"This kid was a genius. true artist. He made his own rules. He has his faults and we was willing to pay for his sins.. but he was young and he worked so hard on his own self. He wanted to be better. He loves everyone so much. He lived for every kid out here. He had the biggest imagination. He texted me this weekend it was one of his goals to get me & Skrillex to finish his next album. I Invited him to L.A. this week. I was wondering if he was gonna come. He used every second of his life to create. He repped Florida to his core... I love this kid. He was gonna do so much more he promised me."  (IG)

La La

"Kiyan asked me to delete my Instagram post bcuz of all the negative comments people were saying about a kids death! He was 20 yrs old! This world is a sad place. Social media is a sad place. So much hate. It’s sad. Praying for his family, friends, & fans. RIP XXXTENTACION." (Twitter) x (IG)
Travis Barker
"I’m at a loss for words... speechless #RIPXXXTentacion. Loved collaborating with you. You were a true artist, one of the most f***** talented of our time."  (Twitter)

Skai Jackson

"I can’t believe this.. My heart hurts. You were one of the most humble, and genuine people I have ever met. You were becoming a positive person and trying to better yourself as a person. Thank you for encouraging words. You will truly be missed Jahseh."(IG)

DJ Pauly D



"My prayers go out to XXXTentacion and his family." (Twitter)

Logan Paul

"XXX... heartbreaking. The world has been stripped of a true great. So young and so much potential. Rest easy brother." (Twitter)


Investigators collecting evidence on the scene where rapper XXXTentacion was shot, June 18, 2018, in Deerfield Beach, FL.  (

Investigators collecting evidence on the scene where rapper XXXTentacion was shot, June 18, 2018, in Deerfield Beach, FL. (

XXXTentacion on his first and last press run for his album “?”, live on 103.5 The Beat.  ( )

XXXTentacion on his first and last press run for his album “?”, live on 103.5 The Beat. (

Kalumets Artists Of The Week!

L U D A C R I S    X  K I D C U D I

This week I asked fans what was their Favorite songs from Ludacris and Kid Cudi! The most mentioned from Luda was “Blueberry YumYum” from the 2004 studio album The Red Light District. Released though Disturbing tha Peace and Def Jam Recordings. The album charted number 1 on both the US Billboard 200, US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and the US Billboard Top Rap Albums. Alongside Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Usher’s Confessions, and Jay-Z / Linkin Park Collision Course.

Check it out!

Fans Fav Lines:

“grab a lighter, roll a sticky lets get higher” #mood4lifeDa
”Thank God for the man who put it in my hooooooood, It's got me singin’ melodies I never thought I woooooould”

The most mentioned from Cudi was actually a three-way tie between Mr. Rodger, King Wizard, & Rose Golden, but because people felt so generally connected to the studio album The Man on The Moon set!. We are going to highlight Mr. Rodger, From the studio album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rage. Released in 2010 though GOOD Music and Universal Motown Records. The album charted number 3 on the US Billboard 200, number 1 on US Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and number 18 US Billboard Top Rap Albums. Alongside Eminem’s Recovery, The Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D, Drake's Thank Me Later, Sade Soldier of Love, Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, & Rihanna’s Rated R.

Check it out!

“Mr. Ranger Tell me where you're going, tell us where you're headed. I'm off on the adventure, Mr. Ranger. Tell me some of your stories, tell us of your travels”
Knocked down, round for round
You're feeling like you're shot down on the ground
When will the fantasy end? When will the heaven begin?

“I'm on my way to heaven, Mr. Rager
Can we tag along? Can we take the journey?”


Jewels & Gems

When is the last time you listened to….