Dirty Thoughts - Not Much To Say. . . Just Yet

I bet you didn't notice, but I definitely did not get to post a Dirty Thoughts for this June.

The team & I had been so busy gathering content, attending all these festivals and conducting all these dope interviews for our next issue of the mag (mmm hmmm it's coming) that I forgot to sit down and give you all my monthly rant. Shame on me! I’m sorry (to the 5 of you who actually take the time out to laugh at my fool a**).  But I don't have much to say this time around.

So quick updates:

  • My curl pattern is back! So I been growing my hair back and went on a small heat hiatus. Now my curls have reappeared bouncy like a bed spring. I look like a puddle and yall love it. So if I’m trendy it's not because I want to be, its because my hair belongs to my genetics and I have lost all control!

  • I am looking for several interns for this upcoming fall at /CW. Do you want a cool supervisor? Do you want to explore arts and creativity? Do you love all things  Urban and #SupportTheLocal? Well apply to be #SQUAD

  • We are re-introducing /CW subscriptions! For $45 a year you get first dibs on new releases of our quarterly issues and VIP treatment at all /CW events. This is a steal! You guys are really out here robbing me! Lol

  • I’m also taking a small social media break. If you can't find me, its because I’m not trying to be found. Lol Don't DM me about /CW

Now for something unexpected. . .

I have a surprise coming. I’m . . .


You will just have to wait for that news *wink wink*