King Cezar - 'Its Better This Way' (Album Submission)

We have been waiting for you!

Where the hipster, conscious rappers, and overly thuggish have been poppin up at the social tempo of what Milwaukee music sounds like, there are other niche that we don't get enough submissions of and though they are not all our “stilo”, they are much needed give the full picture of what OUR music consist of.

With his debut album “It's Better This Way”, released on Kingz Circle Music Group, King Cezar is delivering trap vibes with wavy MKE undertones that are a fair reflection of new era hip-hop without the unnecessary obnoxious jack’n beats that have boxed in our greatness by  f*ck boys that can’t rap & are even worst at trapping (Yes, we said it but you were thinking it). *shrugs*

Out of the 9 track projects are favorite songs have to be ‘Broke Life’ (Prod. By Canis Major) & ‘Sometimes’ (Prod. By Big Joe) for the references and strategically choppy flows (in this case that's a good thing).

Our one criticism would be that their are not enough beat structure variety. Give us some dramatics, it will keep us focused!

This is a solid music submission and we can't wait to see how the city responds. Let us know if your vibing with it by hitting the heart below.