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I’ve always been told that I have this super power.

The power to make everyone around me instantly feel comfortable to be their true and authentic selves; whatever that is. To face fears with an open heart. To be as goofy or as bold as you want to be. To be as creative as you need to be and to believe, even at a moment, that in the end everything will be better.

I don’t know if I believe my super power really exists. But I do believe that you’ll never know exactly who you inspire.

CopyWrite has always been one of my biggest inspirations.

It was started with love in an apartment on 22nd and Wells (Shout out CAMPLife & Basement Underlying) where creativity and hard work was as fluid as rhymes, vinyls and trips to the 7 Eleven. It introduced me to the most influential, loyal and most hardworking people I know, and it gave me the opportunity to take the things I’m passionate about and work to see it come to fruition.

It also gave me and my graphic design a needed boost in aesthetics.

Like have you ever seen Issue One?

Do you even know what the old CopyWrite logo looks like?

Hahaha… Growth is a beautiful thing.


I say all of this to announce this….

I’ll be stepping down as the Creative Director of CopyWrite Mag.


As a leader, sometimes you have to learn when it’s time to let go and now it’s my time.

As I reminisce on all the stories I could tell about CopyWrite, I feel so humbled and proud that it is what it is today. That our vision and our mission has been noticed by the people in the city and we have accomplished our goal to “tell the stories that need to be told and always showcase the unrealized artistic potential throughout our community while doing the things we love.”  

This will not change my support for CopyWrite as they move forward as a company and I hope that if you love me, you will continue to support my legacy as a founder by continuing to support the local and respect the Urban.


To my Co-Founder: Thank you for trusting me with the longest homework assignment in the history of homework assignments. Hahaha. I know you’ll continue to keep the mission alive.

To my Team: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For believing in Lexi and I. For sharing your creative minds with me. For being my friends, my family and the best contributors and collaborators a girl could ask for.

To Milwaukee: Thank you for being the inspiration that we needed.

And finally to anyone who ever bought/read a magazine, submitted a song, wrote an article, modeled for our fashion spread, helped us or came to an event, was a #WCW, shared an event, or even an idea: I love you. I appreciate you. And I can’t wait to celebrate CopyWrite’s 50th anniversary with you (because I’m still in there.)


Love & all things Urban,


Photo cred by CW shooter Mahdi Gransberry (AKA Goat and FreakishNerd) 

Photo cred by CW shooter Mahdi Gransberry (AKA Goat and FreakishNerd) 

P.S. If you made it this far, order Issue 12 here: