Deshun Jetson - Lucid Dreams II: Outtasite, Outtamind

Close your eyes when you listen to this.

It's proven that what we see affects what we hear and what we hear actually affects how we speak. So we need you stop what you're doing and really listen to this project.

From young producer Deshun Jetson, "Lucid Dreams II: Outtasite, Outtamind" is the second installment of his Lucid Dreams series. The project features seven beats that are unpredictable at times, modern, sultry and for lack of better words, hella' DOPE. You can hear the emotions in each track and the precision of clean drops and intricate elements developing in the background.

"Lucid Dreams II: Outtasite, Outtamind" is dedicated to Jetson's older brother, Outtasite Jetson whose currently incarcerated. Though we're not sure if his brother has listened to the project just yet; we can say that he will be proud.

#WeHearYou Deshun and we'll be anticipating your next project soon.

Listen below.

Thane - Gravity [EP]

So we're starting to see a trend with some Milwaukee producers creating some amazing projects. This was no different for up and coming electronic producer Thane who has blown us away with his "Gravity" EP.

In the project, you can hear a heavy influence of alternative electronic, R&B as well as jazz, funk, and hip-hop. The three-track project takes us on a journey of love and loss while showcasing Thane's producing skills. 

Listen to the project below and wait on "Topia" to be released mid-August.

Ekstoluke - The Diary of Lou Cabana

With some old funk samples, modern mixing and new age sound, we bring you producer Ekstoluke's first solo project, "The Diary of Lou Cabana."

As one half of the production duo Jazzward (3 time Miltown Beatdown finalists), Ekstoluke project is smooth, classic and makes you want to jump into an old school convertible, put your bass up and drive slow on Lake Drive. We dig it. 

Listen to the sound of Ekstoluke's alias, "Lou Cabana" below.

water.lo - Wasted (p. water.lo)

Maybe we're a little late on this one but check out this track from water.lo, "Wasted".

The young producer and artist was put on our radar and we can't help but appreciate the energetic and smooth vibes he puts on the track. Because hey sometimes you just have to let it all go and make some dope music. 

Let us know what you think about the artist below and if you're interested in his killer production skills; check out the beats after the featured track.