Klassik - RESTRAINT Feat Jay Anderson, Sistastrings & Lorde Fredd33

We are here for all of this!

MKE collaboration Gawds, you have done it again.

Klassik’s, "RESTRAINT" in combo with the artistry of  Lorde Fredd33, SistaStrings, and Jay Anderson, applies that musical tension that creates those pulsating moments that linger in your head once the track is over.

Its “An introspective offering that remains beautifully fluid throughout, this is certainly a track for your summer playlist.” (says the submission from Voodoo Honey. . .emmm hmmm agreed)

Check out this track and let us know if it will make it into your summer playlist!


88NiNE Presents - Invisible Lines: Episode One

Our partners at 88Nine have recently released a project that "is the culmination of a year of work from production team Nate Imig, Laura Kezman and Vianca Fuster", which they are calling Invisible Lines.

In this series, they hosted several listening sessions with people of color in the Milwaukee community letting them tell their stories.

Episode One: Coded of Invisible Lines, is actually in part a story from a major CopyWrite supporter, who actually appeared as the featured cover artist for CopyWrite Magazine Issue Seven: Vedale Hill and his brother Darren Hill. 

As the city helps document "new" narratives, I think it is important we all listen and see through the invisible lines. S/O to the 88Nine Squad. We think this is a super dope project.



Kaleo Musiq - Forced to Speak (EP)

Eager are we? It may be an understatement.

Kaleo Musiq has been popping up all over the city, with showcases, music connects and unyielding management lol. He came on our radar after our Editor-in-Chief, Dirty, randomly popped up at 2035 Studios where he just so happened to be in the booth.

His EP ‘Forced To Speak’, places pressure on the “why?” factor that lingers above most musical artist and tells us about his motivations, as it “walks listeners through several hardships faced in life, the value of Self-confidence and the importance of vocalizing our truths.” (says Kaleo Musiq’s camp).

So what do we think…?

There is a place for this. There is a place for truth balance with hood notes and soul bending. There is a place for self-elevation and shared headspace that says I’m “Doing Better”. There is something there. Arguably, it's not all fleshed out but usually, it isn't until you realize that telling your story is the therapy and what the audience wants to know is are they Free To Listen? Kaleo Musiq’s ‘Forced To Listen’ is paced, strategic, but the voids….hmmm maybe its a test.

Our favorite tracks: ‘History’ & ‘Old Days’ - The wordplay and culture balance for the win!

Check out ‘Forced To Speak’ and let us know if you want more Kaleo Musiq in the comments below.

(Also available on all digital streaming services)


Deonte Neely - Spiritual [Official Video] * COPYWRITE OFFICIAL DROP*

New video from Deonte Neely premiering here on Copywritemag.com

received_203468743773344 (1).jpeg

Deonte Neely’s new video ‘Spiritual’ featuring  WillTheGlide, shot by Antoine Davis, is 1 minute and 15 seconds of well-connected feels. As Deonte puts down his cell phone and picks up the hand of his smiling “muse”, he lets his smooth raps tell her about the manifestation of their connection.

Witty, vibey, springy (enough), complemented by great production and playful imagery, It gives a quick look at what local collaboration and music culture are conjuring up.

Is this palatable enough for the lusty, the love-struck, and the mid-ground hybrids most of us have turned into? Maybe. I mean everyone wants somebody to think their spiritual “aura glows” . . . right? Lol

See it here first. Tell babe later.

Leave a comment & let us know what you think of Spiritual!


Jeronica Brister - New Creature (Poem Submission)

Jeronica Brister, hosted an album release party last Saturday to reveal her long-awaited poetic album 'Sins and Flaws'. With her warm presence of soul reaching linguistics, she is encapsulating what has been pushed aside in the art of truth telling. Hungry for more, we thought it only right we give you a taste of 'Sins and Flaws' and the creative spirit that is Jeronica.

Read 'New Creature' here and let us know what you think.


New Creature

I sprinkled ashes across the sands of the beach of my past. 

Phoenix arisen, 

Visions of me never going back there. 

Back when weakness was my strength. 

When strength was perpendicular to wall guards and closed iron doors. 

Doubled, open. 

But before, praises were given in hallways long enough to cast my demons. 

Demanding my spirit was. 

Denying my soul became. 

So I ran until run couldn't go no more. 

Piercing the veil of strongholds. 

I never knew had hold of me. 

In me. 


A new thing. 

New being. 

New day. 

Surfing clouds. 

Catching sun rays. 

This here is a new wave. 

So I'm sprinting through every door open. 

Deadbolting every closed one. 

And embracing Everything God has for me.

sins and flaws.jpg

You can buy hard copies of 'Sins and Flaws' at https://jsbrister.bigcartel.com/ and stream through the links below:






joninjaylin - Mood Swings (Prod. Izak)

We asked if you wanted more and somebody beefed up on the comments and demanded we give joninjaylin more play lol 

"slaaaaps! 10/10 & you need to listen."  

So Bammm! Here we are with 'Mood Swings' produced by Izak form joninjaylin's newest project 'The Big Picture'.

Give us your favorite bars from the song in the comments. 


Taiyamo Denku - Stand Back (Prod. by Psycho Les of The Beatnuts) *Video Submission*

We like visuals!

Taiyamo Denku, has sent us over a video called ‘Stand Back’( Prod. by Psycho Les of The Beatnuts, from his new album " No Industry Standard” slated to drop in June.

The layered movement of imagery post-industrial Milwaukee is quite appealing, where Taiyamo Denku, again addresses us in classic Emcee style.

Check out the visuals and leave us a comment in your thoughts below.


Dirty Thoughts - Checking the Temp

Dirty Thoughts - Checking the Temp

“Excuse me is this thing on?” *Sound checking the imaginary mic*

As it is Finals Season (yes blah blah blah I’m in grad school...we know we know) so “Dirty’s Thoughts” are field with research on social media's impact on creative fields (Yes how fitting lol) and combinations of profanity induced insomnia and fact-checking (Ha!Ha! Yes, Also very fitting). So instead of giving you a long spiel about what's really been on my mind this month, I am just going to check the temperature and see who really is paying attention (Oh, of course, this is more “research”... makes such a sassy side eye*):

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