MKE Street Style with Shakayla Curtis

Shakayla Curtis (FB: Kayla Danielle)

Shakayla Curtis (FB: Kayla Danielle)

What is your style?

My style... Hmmm I would have to say My style is very modern chic. Very stylish but extremely graceful. I'm always about updating classics when I choose my garments and pieces.

Who or what influences your wardrobe or style?

My influence for my style comes from the way I am feeling at that moment when I am getting dressed. If I am sad I tend to go for pieces that will uplift me... Make me feel good about myself you know. If I am happy and joyful it presents itself through my choice of clothing. I was also truly inspired by the fashion presented in "Sex in the city"! Those women gave me soooooo much life. Whomever the stylist was for that film did an amazing job!

How does your closet look?

My closet looks like a thrift store lol. I am a recent graduate from Tennessee State University and all the while in college I was unable to afford to shop anywhere but thrift stores. Being also a recent mother of twin girls my finances hasn't permitted for me to go purchase a completely new wardrobe! But the good thing about fashion IT ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF! So my pieces work out just fine.


Favorite Places to shop?

I enjoy thrifting, any second hand store. I am really into H&m, Windsor and Akira.

What is your favorite clothing item, why?

My favorite clothing item that I currently have would be my smock shirt I designed and created myself. My intention is never to become a designer and creating that shirt in one of my required courses in college was a huge accomplishment for me. I will never forget me thinking "I'm going to fail this class" because I am not good at drawing or sewing, but because of my shirt that I created, I passed my course with an A. Very humbling experience that I will never forget.