Fashion Friday - Edessa’s School of Fashion (Fashion Extravaganza!!!)

Haute List: Follow the Future

This was a night to remember! The event was an open door event at the Merriment! Beautiful lighting and delightful cocktails with fashionable atmosphere. I must say I was pleased!

Walking to the registration table I was greeted by the infamous Lynn-Speller (Academic Dean and Lead Developer at Edessa School of Fashion) the star of it all. Upon entry, I was able to connect with many familiar faces. #SupportTheLocal

Sitting in the front row I got to see one of Milwaukee’s Musical Artist Lex Allen perform live. He seems to have injured himself the night before and came into the event with the Legendary Pink Crutch and Bandages, setting the scene in full fashionable essence just in time for the show. 

The Fashion Designer pieces were on point! (We need more of that here) and I’ve been asking to come to something that would “WOW’s” me. The Event DID JUST THAT! By the end of the show, we had time to meet and greet with the models and designers, networking at its best! I am happy CW got the opportunity to be present for such a great show. It keeps us inspired.

Keep inviting us to your fashion events, you never know, we might just invite you to be apart of our next fashion feature.



The Pop Up Shop Grand Opening (Mayfair Mall)


Women of color representing and innovating the community thru fashion, art, and sales !!! 

I intentionally parked on the opposite side of Mayfair Mall (Macy’s) to grasp the customer service experience throughout the entire mall, stopping in a few stores I was not greeted and received many scolding looks. (Man talk about uncomfortable!) 

As I approached the Pop Up Shop, directly across from the Barnes and Nobles; I felt a sense of energy bursting from the doorway. Seeing so many familiar faces and the 1st two people I see are Imani Ray and the owner from Classic Jewel, who both immediately embraced me. (Man talk about the love in the building!) At that moment I almost forgot I was in a mall! It was that pure energy customers love.

I received a shopping experience! They feed us, allowed everyone to take photos and purchase some merchandise that you feel good about buying. 

Bronzeville Collective was also present, and members from the community like David Bowen were also there #SupportingTheLocal buying things like the ‘Love Yourself’ T shirt. As a fashion lover and person who truly knows the pressure of hosting a good event, this was an amazing grand opening. 

I even got a chance to talk to 2 of the co owners of the Pop Up Shop and this is what they had to say: 

Imani Ray - Natural E Beautiful: 

After being released from her job the collective reached out to her for an opportunity to add her to the collective. 

CW: What does Love Yourself mean; it’s posted everywhere?

“The brand and clothing is a reminder to love themselves; the location is centered around affirmations.”

CW: What do you want to bring to this community

“I want people to experience the store; even without a purchase.”

Marie Carter the Classic Shoppe:

“Our people need to be represented in an area that necessarily not made for us.” 

CW: What does Love Yourself mean; it’s posted everywhere?

“Support and building up out communities; smiling and loving yourself and others help build that community and even stronger!”

And there you have it! What a success ladies, and be on the lookout for men being apart of this Pop Up Shop in the near future!


Outfit of the Week // Aja Janay

Aja has a sense of fashion like no other; she brings many styles of fashion together to create the ultimate look.

She gives me 70s/80s vibes (sexy yet classy but all around dope). 

Items you'll see:

High Slit Long Sleeve Dress in Ivory

Black Over the Knee Thigh High Boots

Gold Chain Choker

Check out her Instagram for styles @ajajanay

Photos by: Freakishnerd

Outfit of the Week // Dae'kwon Matthews

Dae'kwon is a very stylish young man with a passion for fashion; once you take a look at the photos it will all speak for itself.

He is wearing an ever so retro but modernized outfit...

Items you'll see: 

Champion brand strap-back hat

Thrifted racer jacket

White Pacsun biker jeans

Wheat timberlands

Check out his Instagram for more fashion @Boywiththelooks

Photos by: Kellan McCullough

Outfit of the Week // Carlos Cortez

Carlos Cortez has a unique but flexible style. The model, dancer and overall creative can make anything look good and he definitely loves being styled in this years trends.

Carlos and his Cognac color jacket and shoes compliment very well together.

Items you'll see:

Tan fedora hat 

Cognac Brown leather jacket 

Baby grey short sleeve button up 

Black distress skinny jeans 

Leather strap watch

Gold evil eye bracelet 

Cognac lofter boots 

To see more of his looks follow him on Instagram

CW Featured Designer Dee.Denim // Darla Shanae

As CW Fashion Editor; Vato believes we need to know more about our Designers and other outlets for fashion in/out of Milwaukee.

I would love to represent the our 1st featured designer Darla Shanae of Deemolishment Denim. I've known Darla for about 3 years now and seen so much of her work. It is great! 

My first encounter with Darla was for a fashion show: she styled me in a white blazer trimmed in Denim. I loved it. 

I want you all to take a deeper look in to Deemolishment Denim.

Meet Darla Shanae.

About Dee.Denim


Deemolishment Denim™ was created by Darla Shanae in 2010. It started out as taking old, unattractive denim and turning it into GLAM, FASHIONABLE denim apparel! The initial goal was to have clients provide their old clothing for "deemolishing", but through displayed quality and professionalism, clients have been known to provide brand new and cherished items for custom design. This was beyond flattery! Whether clients provide new or old denim items ... once it has been deemolished, it has been blessed by the Heavens of Denim Fashion :) 

Over a short time span, Deemolishment has grown into providing custom clothing to customers in the Midwest area. Through our online Etsy store, Deemolishment has also grown to provide these beautiful pieces to people across the United States and also Worldwide! 

At this time in their career, DeeMolishment Denim is offering DIY Workshops (Universal Denim) around the nation to teach at-home ways to destroy and recreate denim. So far, the workshops have been provided to middle/high schoolers in hopes of inspiring them to become entrepreneurs of their own someday. Inquire with the shop members about this opportunity! 

All images provided by Dee.Denim // Etsy

Coffee & Creme Fashion Show: From Vato's Perspective

Get your coffee mugs and hot cocoa because it may have been chilly outside but this event had really cozy feel.

The day of the Coffee & Creme Fashion was a big day for Roshá (owner of the Style Hub). There was much to do, with limited time to do it!

Roshá  Brister and Vato Vergara

Roshá Brister and Vato Vergara

8:15 a.m. rolls around and she is pumped; it’s go time! As she walks down the spiral stairs into the living room Mahdi pops into her mind. Upon booking him as the videographer for the event, we discussed him shooting footage of the setup process, which means she had to look fly while setting up chairs, thematic trees, and backdrops. After, jamming to some music and getting dressed, she hits me up with a text, “Where you at Slim?”

Roshá and I were finally able to meet up around 10 a.m. by that time she had already picked up the chairs and backdrop for the show. Thank Gawd that it all fit in my truck. We ran around town grabbing last minute items, that would ensure the Coffee & Creme was successful, yet glamorous event!”

For all my event planners, marketing coordinators and entrepreneurs, I’m sure you all can attest to that fact things don’t always go as planned. The Style Hub experienced great challenges planning The Coffee & Creme Fashion show, by no means was it a walk in the park. Roshá, came up with the idea in a coffee shop, hence the name. If you know nothing about her, just know that She loves coffee! She started planning this event back in August of 2016 and originally planned to do the show in November, but pushed it back. From past experience, she knew that she could not do this event alone, so eventually she reached out for help planning, developing, and implementing the event. I came up with a few great ideas on how to  promote, set up the venue, host model casting calls (I could go on and on). But still there were more issues to overcome.

So, what made it so difficult?

Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Our backdrop was missing a pole, the photographer who was paid never showed up and a few model bailed out the show last minute. But as a team we worked together. There was no obstacle too big for the both of us.

Back stage was blissful and vibrant. The models were super ecstatic and Roshá even got a chance to get a live recording of the a model’s and I dancing and jammin’ out to the music. Each designer was tentatively getting each of their models dressed and fitted for their outfits. From back-stage the runway seemed to lit up perfectly. You saw this glimpse of elegance mixed with a chill vibe. In our eyes everything was perfect. It wasn’t crazy and the energy was positive. This time around we were not nervous to get the show on a roll. I felt calm and collected.

This time I wasn't able to see the show, because I was apart of it (Being one of the four designers, who styles ripped the runway). But being backstage was still dope. We had one bathroom and over 20 models lol. But fashion show chaos is an exhilarating feeling. The switch up, the make up, the final touches, we were ready.

With the runway looking like a winter wonderland, and the models ready to melt it all like coffee with cream, DJ Dub Deezy came through with music, Ricardo Wynn, killed it as a host interacting with the audience and keeping everyone engaged. It went well.

Was that a great story or what?

Now of course we can't just give you an ending like that. So I, Vato, would love to give you my REAL opinion of the show…here goes:

I'm normally in the audience; critiquing and talking my normal trash; but this time I was behind the scenes. Mannnnnnn, when I tell y'all I had to sneak to see all the designers in the show, it was so much going on. Anybody who knows me, knows I can show up to things whenever I feel it’s appropriate. Haha Fashionably late! I arrived back at the show at 6pm. All my models were waiting on me;  but of course my styles were already ready. The green room was a packed with models, designers, press, sponsors, and anybody who had a hand in the show. Live thats how we like it!

As the show started D.Denim went first. She displayed some of the ripest denim outfits i have ever seen. Denim dresses, skirts, chokers, heels, shirts; I mean absolutely denim everything. Her show set the bar for all the following designers. My favorite looks were Carlos, with the dark denim top and the light denim pants and Nicole, with the denim peplum top with the fitted denim pencil skirt and denim choker.

The second designer to go was Paul (Blue Eclipse) velvet, silks, and flowy fabrics with a dash of sparkle. His line up was awesome!  He styled the men in a very eccentric way, which was a bold move. “I Dare you to be different” is what I would call it. My favorite looks by him were worn by Natt Nyah in the Velvet dress and Brave Burks with his White and Gold boots. Both looks convey Regality, in a new way.

The 3rd designer is one of my Favorites and you all should know of her work by now; EmRis. She came through with the models and the styles. We all love the athletic look presented in the show; EmRis rocked her set like always. Of Course, my favorites was Briesha and Richon. (These models are the same ones featured in CopyWrite Magazine Issue VII: The Art of Perspective).

The last show was of course; no other the the fashion guru himself; Me. Lol

I'm not for the most part a designer; I'm a stylist. I make it a lifestyle; instead of your normal walking fashion show I wanted to entertain my audience with live styling and a diverse way of walking; my favorite look for my set was, Alex with the vintage bucks pullover windbreaker and Michelle, with the bad & bougie look; burgundy fur and velvet pencil skirt.

Now look here! Everybody in this show did great; the audience was hyped and someone's mother was walking all through the show; we should probably have her at the next model call LOL.

Despite all the chaos behind the scenes; I don't think anyone realizes the blood sweat and tears that was put into getting this show to be as successful as it was. The host had it going in the room; audience participation and gave out the best introductions. Hell he was even setting up too.

Closing out with the DJ subbing all types of ratchetness .... everyone got to mix and mingle when the show ended.

The next morning we all probably needed a little Coffee & Cream.



Photography provided by The Style Hub and Emmanuel Brown Photography

Sienna Jones: CW Featured Fashion Idol of the Day

Sleigh your winter fashion looks all season long with neutrals and of course our favorite, fur.

Our featured model and fashion idol, Sienna Jones is wearing a white turtleneck bodysuit with a golden bandage skirt. To add more fashion to the mix, she added a blazer cape with a fur scarf, and nude heels to set off the look that is perfect for any occasion.

We love her look.

**CW Tip** Add shear tights and boots when adapting this look for colder days. 

/CW Fashion

Photography by Dexter Williams Williams Photography


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Grandparent's Closet: Knit Sweater

Introducing CopyWrite’s fashion series, Grandparent’s Closet.

We all have those one-of-a-kind or very unique items that we love to wear. The big question is “where did you get it from?” and with no shame; our fashion editor Vato will say his Grandparents Closet. “If your grandparents we’re as cool as mines when they were younger, then I’m sure you’re familiar with what’s in their closet.”

In this segment, Vato takes one-of-a-kind “vintage” clothing from his relatives closet and gives it a modern twist.

Vato shows off a sweater which looks knitted in the colors black, grey, and white. As you can see in the photos below; he wears the sweater as plain and simple as possible, making it easy for people to focus on the sweater. It was given to him by his great uncle who owns a collection of sweaters.


Have an amazing set of earrings from your Aunt? A killer pair of retro jerseys from pops? E-mail us at to be featured in our next post.

Vatofied Experience Pop Up Fashion Show: Take One

Our Fashion Editor is back at it again. This time to take his Vatofied Experience to new levels. 

Displaying the fall must-haves with a touch of his personal style on his models. Vato's first Pop Up Fashion Show for his Vatofied Experience took to the streets of Mason and Water to serve up some on-the-street fashion.

Though the weather was gloomy; the support was not. Making Vato's vision become reality. 

Check out the Full Experience in the video captured by our CopyWrite shooter Mahdi Gransberry... 

& CopyWrite has heard a rumor that this is not the last one to come. Let us know what you think. 

Presented by: Paid with Roots // Sponsored by: the style hub