Today is International Women's Day. And while CopyWrite is a proud women owned and operated business, we couldn't help but take this moment to recognize Corey Fells for his "100 Womxn" project.

Inspired and crafted as an ode to his mother, Pookie; Corey has crafted a project that shines a light on the beauty, growth and strength of millennial womxn of color. Featuring a range of womxn from local entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, sisters and so much more; Corey uses photography to document the essence of these 100 womxn and to tell their stories.

Ultimately, the project itself tells an interesting visual story as the main figures share multiple commonalities along with a common place - being womxn and physically being in the same space at different moments. Pay special attention to how the background changes with time in this series.

So thank you Corey ... Pookie would be proud.

Check out some of the portraits below then see the rest on his website here

Insider Note: CopyWrite was in the middle of shooting our #SociallyResponsible campaign video when Corey asked us to participate. We were not ready. Hahaha