Dirty Thoughts - In-between/Us

As Editor-in-Chief of CopyWrite, it is my responsibility to reflect what I ask my contributors, audience, and community for. True vulnerability and expression from our crafts. Authenticity in our stories and humility in our humanity is where the creative world thrives. So here is a piece of me, that honors all of those things, as a true uncensored exposition of my latest thoughts in the form of a "poem".

(To my somebody, thank you for letting me share this moment.) 



I'm in a house full of noise, even though you are not around…

Scratches at the door are nothing more than the wind bitch slapping these hallowed walls.I laugh as I jump off the toilet, “Maybe he is here”.

I know better...but still, I smile, maybe tomorrow...maybe forever.

No issues here.


I left my heart in San Francisco...or maybe it was Austin…

Half of that is a quote from a song but still, it fits.

Misfits...like long nights in deep thought.

“What about equality?” conversations of duality and understanding of an unlevel headed couple. Do we have a song?

I would play it if I knew

I have this way about me where I can put anything on repeat as long it makes me think of you.

I'm soft like that.

I have been standing hard tho, making sure with every tear there is a smile.

Being with you taught me that...rough times build beautiful people.

“I never seen your type of species”

And now that I have my eyes are stuck

Don't stunt too hard…

I don't like the leather fur with the jersey

Makes you look like a player and you don't play...that's my game and I win.

“Mine!” yes yours.

Possession is a hell of a (hell of a) drug even when you're not around to get high.


I’ll eventually have to sleep in those covers...on that bed...to keep your spot warm until you come home…

Or maybe stop by.


Because love, we got this.

I will again learn how to make my own sunrise...and when the world sees me I will never fail to mention how you placed the light on my moon.


I hope this finds you well.