Fashion Fridays - Ladies in Red

With the success of the very first InstaMeet MKE event came a lot of creativity! In case you missed it, this past Sunday, different models, photographers, and stylists united in downtown Milwaukee to create art! With on the spot styling, makeshift dressing rooms, and even climbing to the roof of a building, there was no boundary when it came to getting those dope shots. 
Among the models that came out, I met Nadjah (@nadjahhasan), Lorena (@heavyheavy.lowlo), and Shienne (@Shiennegh)

Both dressed in red and black berets to match, Nadjah (left) and Lorena (right) caught my eye while being photographed on a roof so I had to capture them together. Both remind me of the boldness that was the 1970s!


I asked the ladies to describe their personal styles to me and Nadjah said. “My personal style is all on how I feel...I love how no matter what I wear if I am comfortable and I’m feeling it it doesn’t matter who loves it and who doesn’t.”
 Lorena explained, “I would describe it as fun and spunky. I love changing it up all the time.”

Near the end of the event, I spotted Shienne whose look put me in the mindset of New York City during the 70s! Her multi patterned dress and red beret went very well with a denim heeled boot. 
Shienne told me, “My style is pretty laid back. I like it mix vintage pieces I find thrifting with modern. Also I love to wear converse and vans cause I love to be casual and comfortable.”



I hope to see you at the next InstaMeet and learn more about our fashionable friends here in Milwaukee! Make sure you’re following @CopyWriteMag and @VatoMke on Instagram to stay in the loop for more events like this.