The Woes.jpeg

Genesis Renji is a very familiar name and face at CopyWrite, so you know we had to shout out his new track “The Woes,” featuring rap vet, Burgie Streetz, and up-and-coming star, Nile.

“Renji has promised a long summer and doesn’t seem to be letting up. The second single from the upcoming KEEFE album arrives on the heels of his last loosie Talk 2 Me. This time, Gen taps two of Milwaukee’s finest lyricists to join him. Three generations of Milwaukee rap.

On The Woes rising rap artist Nile and veteran Burgie Streetz help Renji paint the perspectives of being a product of your environment. The hook has an eerie chant of being robbed of more than jewelry. The verses from each emcee depict a dark reality that each lives individually but universally.”

KEEFE is scheduled for a September release, so make sure you stay on the lookout for that one this Fall! Can I get a ‘yeah yeah’ *Imitating Gen’s famous line lol*


Nile - [Adult Swim] Video Submission

Vibes, vibes, vibes! Nile’s latest song, “Adult Swim”, has this melodic hook that captures the feels of the summer here in the Mill, but also has a tempo of chill and laid back basement vibes!

The video is a well crafted psychedelic display of artistry, that goes for a left turn towards the end when you watch it all the way the through. (yup, we’re forcing you to watch it. lol)

All in all, Nile really puts us on to another new vibe this week with “Adult Swim” off his latest project, “Tomorrow.” Make sure to watch this video and cop a listen to the full length project by Nile on all streaming platforms!

(can you count how many times we said vibe? lmao)