Von Alexander - I CANT DIE (Video Submission)

Today’s submission comes from the one and only Von Alexander. Von is no stranger to the game, and this is not his first project. His single “I Can’t Die” was just released this month along with a new music video titled after the project itself. This summer anthem takes you on a ride through the scenic areas of Milwaukee, while giving you that “living young and wild and free” type of energy. “I can’t die right now, man I’m too high off life” said Von Alexander, as he rode through the streets of the city in his red drop top with his friends.

“The song and music video titled “I Can’t Die” makes a bold claim and is easily anticipating to be the summer anthem for 2019. Following up his 2018 self titled project “Von Alexander”,  Von has developed his skillset as an artist appearing with a more matured flow and confident cadene on “I Can’t Die”.

“The music video “I Can’t Die”, which will be the first single from the project, takes place in Von’s hometown of Milwaukee. It’s significant to highlight where the video takes place because as much negativity that comes with being a black males raised in this region, Von highlights the positivity as he shouts on the record “in the dark trying to find the light..”

Watching Von find his is light through music and creativity is a positive image for anyone who’s searching for themselves. “Work hard, play less” (you know the rest). Keep growing and prospering Von, we’re keeping our eye on you!


Vote Today Wisconsin!

Today is primary day, Wisconsin!

CopyWrite can’t urge you enough to use your right to vote. Today’s primary elections determine who will be on the final presidential ballot. (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) We can’t talk about how we will change the world if we don’t decide to vote.

How do you register to vote? To vote in Wisconsin you need to be registered. You can register any time up to and including election day. On election day, you can register at your polling place with ID and proof of address.

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