Trashman Shunny - "Time Well Spent" ft. King Myles (Video Submission)

We’ve reviewed Hiii Tribe’s work on CW before, so they’re not new to this, they’re true to this. However today, we are highlighting just one member from the collective, Seattle artist, Trashman Shunny. He just dropped a new visual for his song “Time Well Spent,” which features fellow Hiii Tribe artist, King Myles, and is directed by Holleywould Filmwerks. This is Trashman Shunny’s latest single that will be on his upcoming album “Bob Lost”, dropping later this month on May 24th.

“‘Time Well Spent’ is about making the best of the time that you have before your time is all "spent." The music video takes place in both the studio and that classroom that nobody wanted to be in growing up. It's about finding that balance between what needs to be done and what makes your life worth living”

From time to time we like to let the viewers decide if the song is a flop or a bop, so let us know in the comments below what you think about this track!

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King Myles Featuring Shle Berry - Dancing in the Rain

Unseasonable weather this winter. More rain than snow (UNTIL THIS WEEK!). A music submission from King Myles featuring Shle Berry is a perfect fit. “Dancing in the rain” tells a story of becoming self and looking beyond the rain fall to the sunshine and positives of life.

"And I'm still dancing in the rain, advancing all of my pain from Lamborghinis and chains to elegant story telling and selling it from my veins. A social responsibility everybody contains. And talking 'bout my problems is revealing the welt, but I can't help you through the rain if I ain't feeling myself." - Shle Berry

Do you ever have those moments? Check out the track here and let us know.


King Myles - Horizons (Debut Album)

We know y’all know who King Myles is, from reading our previous review of his song C.I.M.P., but he is back with even more bangers on his newly released album “Horizons.”

“Horizons begins with King Myles waking up from a dream on the album's Intro, "Sunrise," and checking the messages on his phone in "Missed Calls." The project then proceeds to follow King Myles' thoughts and emotions throughout the day, where he hits a turning point on the album's Interlude, "Horizons." From that point on, he hits an emotional roadblock in "Shipwrecked," but digs deep to find ways to cope with his lows as we journey through the next few songs and come to the end of the day with the closing song, "Sunset."”

King Myles has some dope in-house collaborations from Hiii Tribe Collective, and special features with Mitch Pe$oz, Shle Berry and Sparkus, just to name a few.

"Horizons" is available on or on all streaming platforms. You can find the King Myles online EPK at


King Myles - "C.I.M.P." Ft. Spaidez (Video Submission)

Looks like MKE talent is sending out Subliminals all  Summer 2018. King Myles is back it again with his video "C.I.M.P.," featuring Spaidez, which stands for "Change In My Pocket".

"C.I.M.P." is song about the concept of sacrificing monetary gain for the sake of creating real change and authentic art. Throughout the song there are many connections to the issues that the average person in Milwaukee and thousands of other cities confront on a daily basis. With these issues in mind, King Myles and Spaidez still hold a positive vibe, hinting at the fact that we were all put on this Earth for a purpose and that all of our lives have a meaning. We can all bring positivity into this life for free.”

Hmmmmmm Okaaaayyyy! (Oh and we see how you flipped the P.I.M.P)

Lets us know what you think in the comments below.


King Myles - Shipwrecked (Prod. by ASI$)

Today we have a submission brought to you by Hiii Tribe !!!

King Myles most recent release ‘Shipwrecked’ produced by ASI$, is a layered track of mix emotions of reality; the lows in life that eventually get you to the highs. It is lyrical, but not coded. It is sampled but not identifiable (that’s a good thing). It is well...compared to the submissions we have been receiving lately, different.

What do you think about the hook drop? Is it too detached from the tempo or is it like a nice unexpected shift???

Hmmm, undecided here.

So in honor of a little change, check out King Myles’ ‘Shipwrecked’ and let us know what you think in the comments below.