Bringing In The Summer With Vincent VanGREAT (Summer Soulstice 2017)

Summer is here (even though this bipolar weather keeps trying to tell us otherwise), and that means Milwaukee is back in festival mode. Summer Soulstice Music Festival is always a great kickoff to that tradition, with local showcases, visual arts and lots of brew! This year CopyWrite favorite, Vincent VanGreat, invited us to see his performance on the East stage to bring in the summer.

Filled with cool collaborations from other local music sensations (including an opening act by the group, First Class, VanGreat’s younger brothers). VanGreat is not only showcasing his talents but the “greatness” of the entire 414 scene as a collective.

We talked to him after his energy filled set to pick his brain about his performance, his summer agenda, and all the local love.

CW: “How are you feeling?”

VVG: “I feel pretty good...I feel awesome actually.” He said with a huge smile on his face.

CW: “It was a cool performance. What made you want to select all those people to come on stage with you?”

There were appearances from Sista Strings, his SAFS Crew family Blizz McFly, Foreign Goods, the Rusty P’s, with an accompaniment of VanGreats band Ninja Sauce.

VVG: “well a lot of these people besides music are good friends of mine. They have been apart of my process. I’m growing as an artist and I wanted to share this opportunity...with people who put just as much work as I do in the MKE scene.”

Though this is not the first time Great has performed at Summer Soulstice, this is the first time he has headlined a set at the event. Last year he was a featured artist with the Rusty P’s. This time he returned the favor by bringing them for a song.

Rapper, Phantom Channel (Adam James) of the group had nothing but good things to say about VanGreat wanting to share his moment:

“It was fantastic. One, it's great to know somebody is thinking about you. Two, it's also the coolest sh*t you will ever get to do with your friends, and obviously, a large set like this is fun as hell. I was super happy to do it.”

Being a vet of Summer Soulstice, we had to get Adam’s honest opinion on how VanGreat performed:

“He was fantastic. We were actually commenting back here watching it. The band was incredible, the drummer was nasty...but the way he put that whole thing together was what made it cool. He is not just doing songs, he is giving you a real's great for your eyes and ears.”

Great felt honored to be even asked to perform at Summer Soulstice, feeling kind of slept on in the past. He feels that with these types opportunities he can showcase his talents and prove that he belongs.

Even the ladies of The Mini Classy (an upscale kids clothing line) also caught VanGreat’s set and were excited about it:

“Ohhhh it was rockin’. It had high energy and the people loved it.”

“I think it was really dope that he brought his brothers out first. They kind of set it off...All the performers were just hype!”

So the equation  seems to work:

Opportunity + Energy x Collaboration = Dope Performance

CW: “ Ok so this is like the official summer kick off, so what do you have planned after this?”

VVG: “Well I will be at SummerFest July 6th, on the Johnson Controls stage at 6:45 pm, with my band Ninja Sauce and SistaStrings...again with a lot of the same faces you up there with me. We will be jamming out.”

(CopyWrite will also be covering SummerFest as official press so be on the lookout for us too.)

But there is more! Stay tuned for a collaboration that VanGreat and Dana Coppa have been viciously working on.

AND it just so happens that tomorrow (June 29th), he will be dropping a new single with the homie Bo Triplex.

CW: “Anything else you want to tell us, sir?”

VVG: “Shout out CopyWrite for the continuous support. I love y'all!”

We love you too!!!

(And that's how you #SupportTheLocal)

/Dirty ...Out!

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